Flamewaker Mage Guide

For this article, I would like to go over a deck that I have been playing recently on Hearthstone with moderate success from ranks 15-5. It is the Flamewaker Mage deck, based off of the relatively new card, Flamewaker. It is loosely based on the tempo mage and plays accordingly for its playstyle. The following shows the decklist:

Flamewaker Mage decklist

The strategy of the game is to maintain or grab tempo from your opponent with cheap minions and spells. The start is extremely important and the following is the mulligan guide/

Keep: Mana Wyrm, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Unstable Portal, Kirin Tor Mage only if you have another secret in your opening hand, and Mad Scientist

The truth is that the deck is actually centered around these key early game cards, rather than Flamewaker itself. Getting a strong opening is half the battle. Mana Wyrms usually trade up and having cheap spells with Sorcerer’s Apprentice allows board control over the first couple turns. More often than not, you draw into a great curve to then go into the late game threats. The big tempo plays also come from Mad Scientist and Kirin Tor Mage to get you your secrets from your deck. For now, I have found the random SpellBender to single-handedly win games by being very unexpected for the opponent. In addition, Unstable Portal is a whole lot of fun and is another card that can simply just win the game for you, sometimes subtly but sometimes not so subtly by giving you a cheap, dominating legendary card to play on curve.

The weakness of the deck is definitely the late game, but by that point, the opponent should have a low life total. Try to finish off the opponent with your burn cards if you still have them. Making trades in the late game is not optimal because you have a clock before you can win. Often times though, summoning the big threats, like Dr. Boom should literally be Dr. GG. Another weakness is sustaining cards. There isn’t much card draw in the deck so big board clears need to be avoided, specifically against Priests or Rogues. I have found those two classes the toughest to face but for now, the metagame has shifted away from those two classes and allows this deck to shine against most other decks. The other deck it really struggles against is Handlock, but sometimes the Handlock can struggle with a bad start and then can be burned away with spells. I hope you have as much fun as I did when I played this deck!

Hearthstone Patch Notes –

Blizzard Entertainment rolled out Hearthstone patch with heavy Tablet bug fixes and the addition of the Ninja and Heroes of the Storm card backs.

The full patch notes are below!


  • The following card backs have been added:
    • Ninja – Acquired by reaching Rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during the month of May. Card backs are awarded at the end of the Ranked Play season.
    • Heroes of the Storm – Acquired during the Heroes of the Storm cross promotion event.


  • [iOS] Added support for 64-bit devices.
  • [iOS] In order to address an issue when searching for cards that utilize diacritics, we have temporarily disabled searching for cards that use diacritics without their proper marks.
  • [Android] Resolved an issue causing some phones to display the tablet UI.


  • Resolved an issue with Invite Spectator and Kick Spectator buttons in the Nearby Players list.
  • [Tablet] Tablet versions of the game should now be able to purchase multiple packs at a time with gold.
  • Fixed various graphical, sound, and UI issues.

Press Start 2015 Photos

The PRESS START 2015 BYOC LAN Party held at the UC Irvine had the presence of popular Hearthstone livestreamers, MLG Champions and Blizzard Entertainment. Our own correspondent, @dperschonok, was there to enjoy the event and posed to the camera along several personalities.

From left to right: livestreamer Lauralania (@PrincessParley), Blizzplanet correspondent Naka (@dperschonok), Blizzard licensing coordinator Kieu Le (@Kieutiepie), World of Warcraft PR global manager Blake Shuster (@BeShuster), and Assistant community manager Zenstyle (@RobertAWing). Some of the photos courtesy of Lauralania.



Photos by Press Start



Blizzplanet’s New Jersey Hearthstone Fireside

A year ago, I launched the New York City Hearthstone Fireside page and the group has grown to 317 members.

New Jersey residents have visited us from time to time, and have provided feedback about holding a fireside there. With the help of Jamie Baker, we have opened a New Jersey edition, and hope members unable to travel to NYC, can attend the Union City fireside gatherings.


Our first New Jersey Fireside will take place on:

Sunday, May 31 at 1:00pm (Google Map)
The Wicked Wolf Tavern
120 Sinatra Drive
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

Join the group, and reserve your attendance at our New Jersey Fireside page

The Wicked Wolf Tavern menu can be found here.

Coming by train from New York City? Check out the PATH map and schedule.



The organizer of “PRESS START” Irvine 2015 invites nearby residents to a massive 36-nonstop hours BYOC LAN Party to be celebrated at the UC Irvine

This event will start on May 9 at 10:00am.

There will be Competitive Tournaments with a combined prize pool of $30,000 in prizing for LoL, Dota 2, Smash, Starcraft II, CS:GO & Hearthstone!

In addition, Casual gamers are invited to free-to-play tournaments. (With BYOC Seat).

Starts: May 9, 10:00am
Ends: May 10, 10:00pm
Location: Bren Events Center at UC Irvine.

Register now! — further details such as Standard, VIP or spectator tickets can be found here.

NVIDIA Shield Tablet (Android) – Playing Hearthstone

Yesterday, the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet arrived and I couldn’t but awe at the experience of navigating through all the apps, and trying something new. It is my first tablet, and hopefully the last one for a long time. I have probably spent 10 hours so far playing around and learning my way through. The more you use a technology, the better you get at it. Your brain starts wrapping around the operating system as you go.

That didn’t do me much good eventually when I figured out how to flash the tablet to the latest Android OS version. Every update I installed showed new UI improvements, and that immersed me in another learning-curve journey which definitely changed the small complaints stacking in the back of my mind as I went through some frustrating things with the older Android version. One of those was that I couldn’t figure out how to shutdown any app (you know, to free up RAM and to increase battery life).

The earliest version the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet had installed had no user-friendly way to figure out how to shutdown an app. So every single app I opened remained in the background. After installing the Android 5.0.1 update, I’m in love. Pressing the square button slides up a stack of all active apps; and you can click the “X” to shutdown an app. Saves battery life, and RAM for better speed and performance. Read more after the break.

Press the Square icon: Stacked Active Apps

Press the Square icon: Stacked Active Apps

How to beat Highlord Omokk | Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain

The Hearthstone: Blacrock Mountain’s Blackrock Spire wing is comfortably easier than the Blackrock Depths in Normal mode. The first boss encounter is Highlord Omokk with warlock spells. His hero power is ME SMASH: “Destroy a random damaged enemy minion.”

The obvious choice here is to use a Priest deck to counter his hero power with healing spells and your own hero power.

How to beat Highlord Omokk | Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain

Highlord Omokk

Dread Infernal (2)
Hellfire (2)
Mortal Coil (2)
Shadow Bolt (1)
Voidwalker (2)

Bloodfen Raptor (2)
Boulderfist Ogre (2)
Chillwind Yeti (2)
Frostwolf Warlord (2)
Ironforge Rifleman (2)
Murloc Tidehunter (2)
River Crocolisk (2)
Sen'jin Shieldmasta (2)
Shattered Sun Cleric (1)
Stormpike Commando (2)
Stormwind Champion (2)



After defeating Highlord Omokk you will be rewarded with two copies of the Core Rager card.



Priest Deck

You can be a bit flexible with your deck, but make sure you have healing, and buff spells, as well as the Crazed Alchemist if you have it. You might need it to flip attack/health.

priest-weaponThis is the deck I used to beat Highlord Omokk:

Circle of Healing (1)
Divine Spirit (2)
Inner Fire (2)
Mass Dispel (1)
Mind Blast (2)
Power Word: Shield (2)
Shadow Word: Death (2)
Shadow Word: Pain (2)
Silence (2)
Thoughtsteal (1)

Auchenai Soulpriest (2)
Crazed Alchemist (1)
Big Game Hunter (1)
Dark Cultist (2)
Deathlord (2)
Lightwell (1)
Majordomo Executus
Mind Control Tech (1)
Northshire Cleric (2)


Gameplay Video

2015 Boston Hearthstone Fireside – RSVP Sun, Apr 19

A few weeks ago, Blizzplanet member Wankyu and me were invited by Blizzard Entertainment to a private meet-and-greet with community managers and developers to play the Coren Direbrew adventure. Wankyu had the opportunity to talk with lead designer Eric Dodds about fireside gatherings. This conversation inspired him to wish to start a Hearthstone fireside in Boston.

We opened up a Meetup.com page so that Hearthstone players around Boston can register and get email notifications about upcoming fireside meetings. So register, and join our first fireside to be held on Sunday, March 19th at 2:00pm. We’ll play for fun. Probably a swiss style tournament.

2015 Boston Hearthstone Fireside - RSVP Sun, Apr 19


Wankyu will wait at the corner between Vassar street and Main street. From there, the group will walk toward building 32 (first Floor). We’ll have free WiFi access to the internet and power outlets.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
32 Vassar St
Cambridge, MA

Hearthstone Android App available now

Blizzard Entertainment is on a roll today with the launch of the Hearthstone iOS and Android app. You can now download the Android app at Google Play for free.

Hearthstone Android App available now

Update (3:25pm EST): “If you already played on PC you can’t play on tablet until the patch is live, which should be within the next hour.” — Sapperwix (Quality Assurance)

Sapperwix – Posted 3:51pm EST

Greetings All!
Wanted to welcome you all to the Mobile Bug Report forum. Please when reporting any bugs include the following information:

  • Device Name
  • Model Number (in the About Device in your options)
  • Android OS (also in the About Device menu in your options)

I’m also going to make a separate sticky for this but please use the appropriate storefront for your device (Google Play Store / Amazon Appstore) to get the best experience. If you install direct from APK you may not have the correct textures and might not be notified of updates. – source

Press Release

The press release was emailed out to Blizzard Entertainment subscribers at 5:00pm EST.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft(TM) Goes Fully Mobile

Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed free-to-play strategy card game now available on iOS® and Android™ mobile phones

IRVINE, Calif. –(BUSINESS WIRE)— Calling all mobile duelists, it’s time to take your decks on the go—Hearthstone®: Heroes of Warcraft™ is now playable on iOS® and Android™ mobile phones. This version features an all-new interface specially crafted for smaller screens, making it easier than ever to keep the fun of Hearthstone at your fingertips.

“We’re excited to welcome mobile gamers to the Hearthstone community,” said Mike Morhaime , CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment . “Hearthstone’s quick, super-accessible gameplay is perfect for gaming on the go, and with the mobile versions it’s incredibly easy to jump into a match and have some fun.”

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn digital card game for players of every skill level. Hearthstone offers a wide variety of ways to play, whether you want to prove your prowess in ranked matches, test your chops as a deck-builder in the Arena, battle crafty A.I. opponents to win new cards in the Solo Adventures, or challenge your friends to a duel.

The mobile version of Hearthstone brings all of the exciting features and content available in the Windows®, Mac®, and tablet versions of the game, including Goblins vs Gnomes™, Curse of Naxxramas™, and the newly released Blackrock Mountain™. As with the other versions of the game, players will have full access to their existing card collection when they log in to the game on their mobile phones.

In celebration of Hearthstone now being more portable than ever, anyone who completes one game in any mode on their mobile phone will receive one free Classic card pack from the original Hearthstone set. (Players who download Hearthstone on their iPad® or Android tablet and finish a game for the first time also receive a free Classic card pack.) Win or lose, that free card pack is yours just by playing a game in Play, Arena, or Practice mode.

Visit playhearthstone.com to learn more about Hearthstone, then head to the Google Play™ store or Amazon Appstore for Android, or Apple® App Store™ for iOS, to download the game for free and start dueling!

Hearthstone now available in iPhone

Blizzard Entertainment released the Hearthstone app for Apple iPhone devices. You can download it here. It can be downloaded from iTunes.

What’s New in Version 2.5.8416


  • Hearthstone is now officially supported on iPhone and iPod touch! (Minimum requirements: iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad 2 or better) Featuring an all-new intuitive interface hand-crafted for the mobile experience, it’s never been easier to take Hearthstone with you anywhere you want to play.
  • Added an indicator to show if your connection is losing signal.


  • Fixed an issue where cards were not awarded after defeating Blackrock Mountain bosses.
  • “Spectate Invite” now works for both sides of a match.
  • Previewed cards in the Collection Manager should no longer get stuck.
  • Fixed various graphical, sound, and UI issues.

Hearthstone now available in iPhone

images courtesy of @dperschonok (Blizzplanet correspondent)



Does your iPhone 4s experiences lag? Here is a recommendation by a Blizzard Quality Assurance representative Sapperwix:

I’m experiencing extreme animation lag on iPhone 4S. Up to a certain point game plays fine. Then amidst a battle it slows down to a crawl. You have to keep finger on cards for a couple of secs for it to register, for example.

Sapperwix: Highly recommend you set up a backup, factory reset your device, and restore that backup. We’ve noticed some performance issues on older devices that have not done a restoration in a long time. It’ll be a noticeable improvement. — source

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