Hearthstone Now Playable on Android Tablets

Say goodbye to your few moments of IRL downtime and efficiency. Hearthstone is now officially playable on Android Tablets =)

Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed free-to-play strategy card game now available in select regions; rolling out worldwide on Google Play™ and Amazon Appstore for Android in the days ahead

IRVINE, Calif. –(BUSINESS WIRE)– Blizzard Entertainment invites Android™ gamers to a friendly fireside duel—Hearthstone®: Heroes of Warcraft™ is now available for Android tablet devices! Players in Canada , Australia, and New Zealand can now download the game for free on Google Play™, with the worldwide rollout on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for Android coming in the days ahead.

“Hearthstone’s intuitive interface and approachable design make it a perfect fit for tablets, and we’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring players have a great experience on a wide range of Android devices,” said Mike Morhaime , CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment . “We’re excited to welcome Android players to the Hearthstone community, and we’re looking forward to bringing the game to even more mobile platforms—including phones—in the future.”

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn online† digital card game for players of every skill level. Hearthstone offers a wide variety of ways to play, whether you want to prove your prowess in ranked matches, test your chops as a deck builder in the Arena, take on crafty A.I. opponents in the Curse of Naxxramas Adventure (sold separately), or challenge your friends to a duel.

Hearthstone players on Android tablets have access to all of the exciting features and content available in the Windows, Mac, and iPad® versions of the game—including the recently released first expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes™, which adds more than 120 new cards and an all-new type of minon, Mechs. Players can purchase Goblins vs Gnomes card packs in the in-game shop for gold or real-world currency, earn cards as Arena rewards, or craft them using Arcane Dust.

To celebrate the launch on Android and help new players start their collection, anyone who starts one game in any mode on their Android tablet will receive one free Classic card pack from the original Hearthstone set.

In addition to the Android tablet version, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is available now on iPad and Windows and Mac PCs, with iPhone and Android phone versions in the works.

Visit playhearthstone.com to learn more about Hearthstone, then head to Google Play or the Amazon Appstore for Android to download the game for free, and start dueling!

The Most Fun I’ve Had Yet

It’s no secret that I’m a poor Hearthstone player. My arena runs are quick, brutal, and infrequent. I don’t climb the ladder so much as I find a rung and sit there. Usually after playing a few games my enthusiasm vanishes and frustration takes its place. That’s changed recently. Now I can spend hours playing game after game, win or lose, and I’ve got a smile on my face. Sometimes its a wide one, others are barely a grin. I’m having fun with Hearthstone and it’s because of a single card.


It’s wonderful. Beyond wonderful. It’s the best card in the game. I don’t care what it gives me. Last night I got: Hungry Crab, Harvest Golem (turn 1), Bolvar Fordragon, Zombie Chow, Northshire Cleric, Tundra Rhino, Arcane Nullifier X-21, and Malorne. Those are the ones I remember. There are dozens I don’t. It’s pure fun. Cast it early, cast it late, pair it with Antonidas for quick value on turn 9. I got an Angry Chicken once. That’s spectacular. It’s just chaos, discounted.

Combine it with duplicate. “I got a Kor’kron Elite! You killed it! Now I have two more!” Bliss. Absolute euphoria.

My current mage deck is so much fun. There’s enough chaos inside to make it interesting for me to play but not enough RNG to make me pull my hair out. My previous favorites, or at least the most played, have fallen to the wayside. Miracle Rogue is hurting and lost a lot of its fun. Ramp Druid is good but if your hand is full of Druids of the Claw and Ancients for four turns, it’s miserable. And the Shaman deck I want to play, a mix of spells of big creatures, isn’t how Blizzard wants the Shaman to be played (thanks Neptulon, you jerk). So I cobbled together some cards around Jaina, played some games, and then saw Trump had already made the deck I was playing with.

Our decks aren’t exactly the same – I don’t have Toshley or Flame Leviathan – but the core is identical. Unstable Portal, Duplicate, Sneed’s Old Shredder, Snowchugger (chuggachugga).

Here’s Trump’s deck:

The changes I made, to better suit how bad I am:

Trump's Countermeasures Enabled
  • 1 Acolyte of Pain, +1 Earthen Ring Farseer. Rush decks can give me trouble since I don’t draw into board clears (Flame Leviathan) so Earth Ring Farseer can keep me going.

  • 1 Sludge Belcher, +1 Abomination. Kind of the poor man’s Flame Leviathan, and it tends to be unexpected.

  • 1 Ragnaros, +1 Recombobulator. Ragnaros’s RNG can be unforgiving in clutch moments and this deck doesn’t hurt for late game. Recombobulator is almost as fun as Unstable Portal.

  • 1 Flame Leviathan, +1 Ysera. Cheap spells, cheap minions, immune to Big Game Hunter, SW:D. I like the Green Aspect.

  • 1-1 Toshley, +1 Black Knight. The Black Knight is good for chopping through taunts. If he gets duplicated, its even more fun.

It’s not perfect but it is really fun. Give it a shot, I think you’ll enjoy it.
Is it perfect? Of course not. But it’s really, really fun. The first time you get a super cheap Azure Drake or King Crush, you’re just giddy.

Hearthstone: Goblin vs Gnomes is now Live

The first expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes, is now live. Login to play and start collecting over 120 inventive new cards. Take a look at all the 120+ cards to check out their stats, deathrattle or battlecry details.

hearthstone-goblins-and-gnomes-logoIRVINE, Calif. –(BUSINESS WIRE)– Goblins vs Gnomes™, the explosive first expansion to Blizzard Entertainment’s fast-paced online strategy card game Hearthstone®: Heroes of Warcraft™, is available around the world beginning today! Introducing more than 120 new cards—including an all-new type of minion, Mechs—Goblins vs Gnomes opens up countless new strategic possibilities for Hearthstone players of every skill level.

In celebration of the expansion’s release, Blizzard is offering anyone who logs in to Hearthstone between the launch and December 19 three free Goblins vs Gnomes card packs—a triple-powered jolt of mayhem to help players jump-start their collections.

“Goblins vs Gnomes throws a big wrench into the Hearthstone works,” said Mike Morhaime , CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment . “Players are already having a blast coming up with inventive new strategies and deck ideas—we’re looking forward to seeing what happens now that they can put those plans into action.”

Goblins vs Gnomes throws players in the middle of the epic rivalry between Azeroth’s audacious goblin engineers and their equally “adventurous” gnomish counterparts—and these pint-sized tinkerers are ready to stir up trouble. Their incredible inventions and mechanical monstrosities are marvelous to behold … but when Hearthstone players deploy them in a duel, the results can be quite unpredictable.

Goblins vs Gnomes card packs are available in-game now for gold or real-world currency, priced the same as Expert card packs from the original Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft set. Players can also win Goblins vs Gnomes cards as rewards in the Arena or craft them using Arcane Dust earned from disenchanting cards in their collection.

Goblins vs Gnomes is available now in the Americas region for Windows, Mac, and iPad®, and will be available December 9 in the Europe and Asia regions. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Goblins vs Gnomes are coming soon to Android tablet devices. For more information, visit www.playhearthstone.com.

With multiple games in development, Blizzard Entertainment has numerous positions currently available—visit http://jobs.blizzard.com for more information and to learn how to apply.

Hearthstone Won The Game Awards 2014 Best Mobile/Handheld Game

The Game Awards announced Hearthstone won the Best Mobile/Handheld Game award. The game was nominated in three categories.

Here’s a rough transcript I gathered from the moment Eric Dodds accepted the award on behalf of Blizzard Entertainment and Team 5. Jump the video timeline to 01:14:32. Eric Dodds accepts the award around 1:20:06.

Geoff Keighley: Congratulations on the win for Hearthstone. Best Mobile Game. We have the award here for you. Great stuff. Congratulations, man. I know that the Blizzard Christmas Party is tonight, so you may have picked to come here tonight. So we really appreciate it. Congratulations. Please, this is your moment.

Eric Dodds: It is an amazing thing when you as a team are working on a game that you love and that you are so excited about it, and you are like: “I don’t know how is it going to be received,” and you put it out there; and it is incredibly humbling when the fans enjoy it like even more than you do. So I’m just incredibly humbled to be here and so thankful that so many people are excited about Hearthstone. It’s amazing. Thank you.”

The Little Things

Hearthstone is fun but it has its share of problems. Remember when Defender of Argus wouldn’t buff appropriately and slid around your board like it was on ice? Someone could probably write a dissertation on the order of deathrattles when a board is wiped (sometimes Sylvannas steals the ooze, sometimes she doesn’t). The mechanical confusion is the obvious place to point out problems. Everyone has a game or twenty where things happen in an order that wasn’t expected and your plan is derailed. What irks me now, because mechanical effects are left to my competitive betters, are the little things that are obviously overlooked by the development team. Odd, out of place, mislabeled text or cards or whatnot that have no real effect on the game but bother me the way a buzzing fly does.

Here are my favorites, or least favorites. I’m not sure.

  • Why isn’t Razorfen Hunter’s boar named Tuskerr?
  • Stampeding Kodo is, in fact, a clefthoof.
  • Goblins versus Gnomes isn’t in alphabetical order.
  • Mortal Strike doesn’t affect healing.
  • When Druid of the Claw is silenced in taunt form, it stays a 4/6. Ancient of War becomes a 5/5.
  • Jaina’s mirror images don’t look like her portrait.
  • Playing Shadowform twice in a turn resets your hero power.
  • Why doesn’t summoning portal require 2 minions on the board already?
  • Does Guardian of Kings have antlers?
  • The Voidwalker doesn’t sound anything like its WoW counterpart
  • Why is Magma Rager still around?

What are the little glitches and oddities in hearthstone that you’ve noticed? List them in comments or tweet me @TheTexpat.

Hearthstone: Goblins vs Gnomes – All Cards

The Hearthstone: Goblins vs Gnomes expansion is coming in a few days. So far Blizzard Entertainment has previewed 124 cards featuring a plethora of goblin, gnomes, mech cards and ogres.

Keep an eye on the internet for any breaking news concerning the release of this expansion slated for December 2014 (with no specific date). It is nigh. Are you excited?

The Game Awards 2014 – Hearthstone Nominated Game of the Year

The Game Awards 2014 will be livestream from Las Vegas on Friday, December 5 at 9pm ET (6pm PT). Tickets may be purchased here for those attending in person.

Hearthstone is nominated in three categories:

  • Game of the Year
  • Best Mobile/Handheld Game
  • Best Online Experience

In addition, Blizzard Entertainment is nominated in the Developer of the Year category.

Share your support by clicking the twitter icon next to the game at the following Nominee page.


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