Hearthstone™: Heroes of Warcraft™ Poster Contest

Blizzard has just announced the Hearthstone Poster Contest. Join up and win an iPad Air™

Hearthstone™: Heroes of Warcraft™ Poster Contest

Ready your paintbrushes and sharpen those pencils (digitally, of course), because we’ve got a Hearthstone poster contest that may just be right up your alley! Source

We’re challenging all artists out there to come up with your best idea for a Hearthstone on iPad® propaganda poster. If you were to show off all of the fun of being able to play Hearthstone on the go and wrap it up into a poster-sized package, what would it look like? What would really grab people’s attention if they saw your poster on the street? Would you suggest that the masses OBEY . . . and play another round of Hearthstone on the iPad? Or would it maybe include pictures of adorable murlocs running their cute little three-fingered hands over an iPad screen? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Participants must design and create their own poster, themed to promote Hearthstone on the iPad in a funny, serious, or other attention-grabbing way—it’s up to you! Poster submissions need to be at least 1024×768 and no bigger than 5MB. Entries limited to one per person. The contest will run from April 17, 2014 to May 15, 2014, and top selections will be made by a panel of Blizzard judges. These top entries will then be uploaded to the Hearthstone Facebook page, where the player community will get to decide which poster they think has the most Hearthstoney goodness. The top three posters with the most “Likes” at the end of the voting period will win an iPad Air™!

Looking for some inspiration? We’ve crafted a poster as an example below. Go forth and create a beautiful masterpiece of your own!


Submit your entries today to blizzardcontest@blizzard.com.

Hearthstone™ Now Available on iPad®!

Hearthstone for the iPad has been released.

Hearthstone™ Now Available on iPad®!

It’s time to let your fingers do the dueling—Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has arrived on the Apple® iPad®! Now you can enjoy all of the game’s epic card-slinging and deck-building action on the go on these supported iPad devices: iPad Air™, iPad 4th generation, iPad 3rdgeneration, iPad 2, iPad mini™, and iPad mini with Retina® display. Duel a friend at home, at the airport, at work (we promise we won’t tell), or anywhere that you can connect to the Internet. Source

Never played Hearthstone? No problem! You’ll run through a few lighthearted introductory missions to get a feel for the basics of this fast-paced collectible card game, and then you’ll be ready to take on the world—hurling fireballs, swinging Fiery War Axes, and mixing it up with Leeroy Jenkins in no time!

Already playing Hearthstone on your PC? Your card collection and progress are shared across any device used to access your Hearthstone account, so any cards you’ve collected will be waiting for you when you launch Hearthstone from the iPad.


As an added bonus for giving Hearthstone a go on the iPad, you’ll be able to earn a free pack of cards! If you’re a new player, just complete the fun introductory missions, defeating Illidan Stormrage at the end, and then enjoy a game of Hearthstone in any mode! Win or lose, you’ll earn your free card pack just by enjoying a game of Hearthstone in Play, Arena or Practice mode.

If you’re a seasoned Hearthstone veteran and have already completed the introductory missions, simply dive into Play, Arena, or Practice mode on the iPad to earn your bonus card pack! What’s better than opening a Hearthstone card pack? Opening a Hearthstone card pack anywhere you want with the iPad!


Celebrate the launch of Hearthstone on the iPad by sharing some pictures with the community on social media! We’ll be gathering up the best shots of players enjoying Hearthstone on iPad in their favorite gaming spots. Tag your pictures on Facebook or Twitter with #HSiPad, or send them over to zeriyah@blizzard.com. Keep an eye on our Facebookand Twitter page for updates, and see if your shots get shared!

Hearthstone requires an Internet connection to play. Getting started is quick and easy! Download Hearthstone now from the iTunes® App Store℠ and start building a deck of your own today!

Pull Up a Chair: Introducing Fireside Gatherings

Blizzard’s latest Hearthstone Event ! Participating will Get a New Card Back!

Pull Up a Chair: Introducing Fireside Gatherings

Well met, fellow tavern-goers! Do you love Hearthstone? Looking for other worthy opponents to challenge? Want to just enjoy the game with likeminded Hearthstone players in your area? Then Fireside Gatherings are exactly what you’re looking for! Source

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Hearthstone on iPad by attending a Fireside Gathering.  Fireside Gatherings are get-togethers in public hangouts like coffee shops, book stores, and dorms where you can meet and mingle with local Hearthstone players. Trade strategy secrets, show off your decks, or even host mini tournaments—it’s all up to you! These events range in size from 5-10 people in a small group to 100+ in a huge gathering, and require absolutely no minimum skill level. The more the merrier!


Behold . . . the power of friendship! Fireside Gatherings offer the opportunity to add the new “Fireside Friends” card back to your collection! This card back can be obtained by playing three matches against another player on the same network using the following criteria:

  • At least three people (including yourself) must be logged into Hearthstone on the same subnet.
  • Each match must be played against a player that is playing on the same subnet as you.
  • These matches can be played against your friends or using the Player Near Me feature, as long as the above two criteria are met.

The Fireside Friends card back will become available starting on Saturday, April 26thfor a limited time! The last day that you can add the Fireside Friends card back to your collection will be announced at a later date. Be sure to attend a Fireside Gathering near you or utilize the Players Near Me feature in Hearthstone so you don’t miss out on this opportunity to collect this unique card back that’ll make you feel right at home.


While you don’t need to attend a Fireside Gathering to get this card back, attending a Fireside Gathering is a great opportunity to meet some new friends, enjoy a few rounds of Hearthstone with good company,  and gain this card back in the process! The Fireside Friends card back will be instantly added to your collection as soon as you finish your three matches provided that they follow the friendly guidelines above!

To find an official Hearthstone get-together in your area, visit the all-new Fireside Gatherings website here. These events are hosted in direct partnership with Blizzard Entertainment and are a great place to take your iPad and meet up with other Hearthstone-loving locals. To host these awesome events, we’ve partnered with colleges such as Brigham Young University Hawaii, University of California Irvine, University of North Texas, and University of North Carolina Charlotte!

Can’t find a Fireside Gathering nearby? Don’t sweat it. Hosting a Fireside Gathering is easy! Head over to the official Fireside Gatherings website for all the resources you will need to get started. You’ll find helpful tips and tricks about how to host a great event, as well as a poster template that you can print and display at your venue!

When you’re ready to share your event with the world, or to find locally-run events in your area, visit LiquidHearth. LiquidHearth’s event listing can be used to promote your event and find other Hearthstone players in your community to play with.

We want to encourage Fireside Gatherings everywhere there are passionate Hearthstone players, so if you don’t find an event near you, don’t hesitate to work with local gaming groups in your community to spread awareness of Fireside Gatherings near and far.

Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up to attend or host a Fireside Gathering today!

PAX East 2014 – Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas

Recently, at PAX East, Blizzard Entertainment announced Curse of Naxxramas, A Hearthstone Adventure! The new expansion is slated to launch this upcoming Summer 2014.

Adventure Mode is a PvE single-player content where a player can obtain new cards exclusively by defeating epic bosses. Those cards can’t be crafted.

The developers haven’t yet agreed on the final cost to access each Naxxramas wing. The five wings will open up gradually. For example, the Arachnid quarter will open up on week 1. Each quarter afterwards will be released on a weekly basis throughout a month. Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad will be unlocked by defeating the other four wing bosses.

Each wing will be a one-time purchase (in contrast with Arena Mode). However, a price hasn’t been decided yet. In addition, Ben Brode said the team doesn’t want Curse of Naxxramas to feel like a grind. More details will be revealed soon.

Concerning some of the cards, according to community manager Zeriyah Deathrattle will be a prominent theme throughout the Curse of Naxxramas expansion, but not all cards have this ability. Team 5 is also discussing how to unlock the golden frame version for the Curse of Naxxramas card sets.

In order to use the Undertaker card, you must play a card that already has the Deathrattle ability. It won’t work using Deathrattle spells on cards that are already on the board.

On other news, the Hearthstone iPad version will launch on United States within the next two weeks or earlier. Stay tuned.


Hearthstone’s highly anticipated single player Adventure Mode has been officially announced today at PAX East: Curse of Naxxramas, A Hearthstone Adventure! Source

The Curse Comes!

The ancient necropolis Naxxramas, a base of operations for the powerful lich Kel’Thuzad and his plague-bearing undead host, comes to Hearthstone in a single player PvE Adventure that anyone can undertake! Progress through one of the five unique wings of the dungeon and gain new cards for your Hearthstone collection by defeating the iconic bosses that you’ll face along the way – the oversized arachnid Maexxna, the fungal horror Loatheb and the shambling abomination Patchwerk are just a few of the horrors that await your challenge. Each boss has their own unique cards and Hero Powers at their disposal to challenge even the most seasoned of card-slinging adventurers!

New Cards!

Progressing through Curse of Naxxramas and overcoming the challenges that lurk within will reward you with all new Hearthstone cards! Once you earn these cards, you can start playing with them in your decks right away. A total of 30 new cards will be added with Curse of Naxxramas – Check out a few of the shambling creatures of the undead that are justdying to be a part of your collection below!


Peer Into the Plague Quarter

One of the bosses you’ll be pitted against within the Plague Quarter is the devious plague cauldron master Heigan the Unclean! His Eruption spell will put your minion’s dancing skills to the test, and Mindpocalypse will make you think you’ve got the upper hand! Speaking of hands, Heigan definitely never washes his. Gross.


Defeating Heigan will net you a brand new card to add to your collection, and the completion of each wing will reward you with a guaranteed new Legendary card!

All New Game Board!


Curse of Naxxramas will have its own unique game board Hearthstone players battle on while they are in the adventure, complete with brand new interactive corners! What could possibly lurk within that quivering mass of eggs? Do you really want to find out?

Test Your Might with Class Challenges!

On top of all of that, nine unique Class Challenges lie in wait within Curse of Naxxramas. These challenges put a difficult twist on existing encounters within the adventure and will put your Hearthstone skills with a specific class to the test! If you’re able to overcome the Class Challenges that face you, you’ll be rewarded with new class-specific cards to add to your collection.

Make Tracks to Naxx!


Curse of Naxxramas will open its gates to challenge Hearthstone players over the course of 5 weeks, opening wing by wing. The first wing of Curse of Naxxramas, The Arachnid Quarter, will be available free for all Hearthstone players. If players wish to venture further into Naxxramas to collect all of the new cards for their collection, each wing besides the Arachnid Quarter can be purchased with in-game gold OR real money. As each wing is released, the cards available in each wing will also show up in your Arena picks, even if you have not earned them for your personal collection yet!

Beware the Necropolis!

We hope you enjoyed this first look into Curse of Naxxramas, A Hearthstone Adventure. Curse of Naxxramas is planned to release simultaneously for PC, Mac and iPad. A release date will be announced at a later time.


Hearthstone™: Heroes of Warcraft™ on iPad®

Hearthstone™: Heroes of Warcraft™ is the critically acclaimed free-to-play digital strategy card game for everyone—and now it’s on the Apple iPad®. Players build custom decks featuring one of nine epic Warcraft® heroes and engage in fast and furious head-to-head card battles. Even those with no prior collectible card game experience will soon be casting potent spells, wielding mighty weapons, and summoning powerful minions to crush their opponents.

Your Game—Your Way

Hearthstone’s cross-platform compatibility empowers iPad, PC, and Mac® gamers to seamlessly play against each other. Your collection is safe and secure with Battle.net®, so your cards will always be available—on any platform.

Play Anywhere

The iPad version of Hearthstone features the same intuitive interface and refined gameplay as the PC version, but now players can take their decks away from the desktop and to the couch, café, airport, or anywhere with a WiFi or Internet connection.

Such iPads

Hearthstone kicks ass on every supported device: iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Air™, iPad mini™, and iPad mini with Retina.

How Do I Pay for the Things?

This is free-to-play our way. While many Hearthstone players have achieved the highest ranks without spending a dime, we’ve made it easy for players to expand their collections regardless of platform.

Card pack purchases and Arena entries are made using whatever payment method you have attached to your Apple ID. Players can also continue to make purchases via Battle.net through the PC or Mac client.

Harness the Full Power of the Interwebs

Hearthstone on iPad requires a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to access your card collection.

Did Somebody Say Android™ and iPhone®?

That’s right, we said it! We’re bringing Hearthstone to Windows 8 Tablets, iOS phones, and Android devices. We’re targeting later this year for all that awesomeness.

Up for a Friendly Duel?

Chat with your Battle.net friends and challenge them on the iPad, no matter which platform they are playing on.


Hearthstone Tournaments – April 7, 2014

Tons of awesome hearthstone tournaments to check out this week!

The competitive community for Hearthstone has been growing steadily and there are a number of free to enter tournaments that are running each and every week. Some of these events have prize money for the top performers, but some are just for fun! If you have been laddering in our Test Seasons and are ready to make the leap to competitive play, take a look at the tournaments below to find one that you would be interested in competing in:

National ESL Pre-Season Cup #18
National ESL Pre-Season Cup #19

ManaGrind’s Friday Night Swiss NA #17
ManaGrind’s Friday Night Swiss EU #17

ZOTAC NA Cup #11
ZOTAC EU Cup #11

ESL Hearthstone Cup #24
ESL Hearthstone Hero Cup #16 – Jaina

GosuCup #7

Square Gaming Party


Hearthstone iPad Launched in Australia, Canada & New Zealand

Today, Hearthstone has been officially launched on the iPad in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Other regions will follow suit soon. A press event will take place tomorrow Thursday, April 3 in San Francisco where the press will be able to play the iPad version.

The Hearthstone iPad rollout begins: today, we’ve launched Hearthstone for iPad in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, with other regions around the world to follow soon!

The iPad version of Hearthstone brings all of the features and excitement of deck-building and dueling your friends that’s currently available for PC right to your fingertips. Wherever you have an Internet connection, you can log in to Hearthstone and amass your card collection, play a friendly game or two against your buddies, or test your skills in Play or Arena mode!

Your Hearthstone collection and data is shared across all devices, so if you’re playing from your PC or Mac at home, you won’t miss a beat when you take Hearthstone on the go with the iPad!

Launching Hearthstone in a limited set of countries allows us to focus on the end-to-end player experience and make sure it’s awesome before we move on to the rest of the world. If you don’t live in Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, you don’t have much longer to wait to get your hands on Hearthstone for iPad—Murloc Scout’s honor.

Keep an eye on playhearthstone.com, Hearthstone on Facebook, and Hearthstone on Twitter for the latest news and rollout updates!

iPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc

Press Release

What Do You Get When You Put Hearthstone(TM): Heroes of Warcraft(TM) On iPad(R)? Fun!

App Store℠ rollout of Blizzard Entertainment’s critically acclaimed digital card game begins in select regions; coming soon to rest of planet

IRVINE, Calif. –(BUSINESS WIRE)– Blizzard Entertainment is pleased to inform swagnificent, Zippi79, MrHeed, JohnTheTree, Successlol, SpiritGuard, AnimaLeet, Waffles, Thinkzalot, SwaggishMike, and everyone else who was asking online, that Hearthstone™: Heroes of Warcraft™, its free-to-play digital card game, is now available on iPad® in Canada , Australia, and New Zealand , with the iPad App Storesm release for the rest of the world coming soon.

“Hearthstone’s player base has already grown to more than 10 million registered accounts following the official Windows® and Mac® release,* but we saw that a few people online were holding out for the iPad version,” said Mike Morhaime , CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment . “Instead of calling those folks up individually, we figured we might as well let everyone know that the global iPad rollout for Hearthstone has begun, and pretty soon it’ll be available everywhere. The game is a natural fit for tablets—we encourage everyone to check it out on their couch, in their backyard, in a coffee shop . . . or anywhere else they take their iPads.†”

In addition to Australians’, Canadians’, and New Zealanders’ iPads, Hearthstone is available for Windows and Mac PCs globally, with iPad support for the rest of the world coming soon. Android™ device, iPhone, and Windows tablet versions are also in development and will be available in the future.

Visit playhearthstone.com or the iPad App Store (select regions) today to learn more about Hearthstone, download the game for free, and start having fun!

Hearthstone™ Ranked Play Season 1: Pandamonium Begins!

The first official ranked season of Hearthstone has started today!

Hearthstone™ Ranked Play Season 1: Pandamonium Begins!

Welcome to Hearthstone’s Ranked Play Season 1: Pandamonium! At the beginning of each Ranked Play season, all players will have their ranks reset and will receive bonus stars based on their performance from the previous season. Pandamonium will last until the end of the month, which should allow you ample time to work your way up the ladder to become a Hearthstone Legend!The reward for participating in the Pandamonium Ranked Play Season is the Pandaria card back! SourceRanked-S1_HS_Lightbox-Thumb_Pandaria_CK_500x250.jpg

To acquire the Pandaria card back for your card back collection, simply hit Rank 20 in Ranked Play mode. The Pandaria card back will be added to your collection at the end of the season.

Battle against other players of similar rank to ascend the Ranked Play ladder and become a Hearthstone Legend today!

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Purchase – Free Hearthstone Card Packs

If you’re going to be buying the retail released of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, you will be able to get your card packs through a redeemable code that comes with the game. All accounts are eligible for a maximum of five card packs from this promotion.

Unlock Expert Card Packs with Reaper of Souls

Heads up! Players who pick up a copy of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls™ will soon discover bonus loot in the form of an Expert Card Pack (or Packs!) for Hearthstone™: Heroes of Warcraft™.

Depending on the version of Reaper of Souls you have pre-purchased (or purchase in the future) you can expect the following:

  • Reaper of Souls: Digital Standard Edition – One (1) Hearthstone Expert Card Pack, delivered to your Battle.net account starting March 20.
  • Reaper of Souls: Retail Standard Edition – One (1) Free Hearthstone Expert Card Pack, available in your Reaper of Souls box as a redeemable code.
  • Reaper of Souls: Digital Deluxe Edition – Three (3) Hearthstone Expert Card Packs, delivered to your Battle.net account starting March 20.
  • Reaper of Souls: Retail Collector’s Edition – Three (3) Hearthstone Expert Card Packs, available in your Collector’s Edition box as three separate redeemable codes.

Note: These Expert Card Packs require a Battle.net account to be redeemed, and a maximum of five bonus Expert Card Packs can be redeemed on a single Battle.net account. If you aren’t already playing Hearthstone when the bonus Expert Card Pack keys are granted to your Battle.net account, don’t worry—they’ll be waiting for you in-game as soon as you download Hearthstone for FREE and get through the introductory missions.

So have fun in Reaper of Souls, proudly defend the mortal realms, and—when you’re ready for your hero’s respite—enjoy some free cards courtesy of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Source

Be In College, Play Hearthstone, Win Big!

This is a great opportunity for all College Students!

Be In College, Play Hearthstone, Win Big!

Attention all card-slinging college students! Got a Hearthstone deck you’re particularly deadly with? Now’s your chance to show it off by entering TeSPA’s Collegiate Hearthstone Open! Free to compete in by all North American college students, this Hearthstone tournament will test your deck-building skills and card-playing strategy as you and other college students battle to be one of the last four left standing. Why the last four, you say? Because the four top players will be flown to PAX East to face off in a live finals event! The epic showdown will be broadcast live from the Twitch stage on Saturday, April 12! Source

As if ultimate Hearthstone glory weren’t enough, the tournament also features $5000 in cold, hard scholarship prizes. Which college will put forth a champion? Which hometown hero will prevail? Head over to http://compete.tespa.org/ to learn more and sign up!

Blizzard at PAX East 2014!

Blizzard is going to be attending PAX East and will be demoing the upcoming blizzard games. Excited for the iPAD version of Hearthstone?

Blizzard at PAX East 2014!

Ready your decks and pull up a chair, Hearthstone is coming to PAX EAST! If you’re attending, join us for a duel or two at BOOTH #848. We’ll have the game ready for you to try out on iPad, as well as some cool giveaways, and for the first time ever Hearthstone will be participating in the Penny Arcade pin-trading program (w00t)! So come cast some spells, sling some daggers, and squash your opponent’s minions! Demo stations will be available10AM to 6PM, Friday, April 11 through Sunday, April 13.

Here’s a big list of what you can expect at this year’s Blizzard booth:

  • Warlords of Draenor hands-on demo featuring updated character models and the intro experience for the upcoming expansion.
  • Hands-on time with the in-development Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition™, playable on PlayStation 4.
  • A chance to find out what’s in the cards for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and play the mobile version on iPad.
  • A brand-new demo for Heroes of the Storm, featuring new Heroes playable for the first time anywhere outside of Blizzard.
  • Blizzard developers will be on-hand to chat about your favorite games.
  • Blizzard developers will also be giving a presentation at the Albatross Theatre on Friday, April 11 at 10:30 a.m. EDT titled Heroes of the Storm: The Ultimate Blizzard Mashup(streamed live on one of the official PAX Twitch channels for those not in attendance).
  • And did we mention there will be giveaways, prizes, and more? If not . . . there will be giveaways, prizes, and more!


Head on over to east.paxsite.com for panel schedules and hotel and travel information.

We hope to see you there!

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