The July Ranked Play Season will be for the glory of Trolls!

With the end of the last season, a new card back has been officially announced today. For this month all players that will reach rank 20 will be eligible to have this trollesque back! May the new Warchief of da Horde be with you!


Hearthstone® July 2015 Ranked Play Season – Darkspear Delight!

The sixteenth official Hearthstone Ranked Play Season is now live—and we’re unveiling a new card back you can add to your collection!


TAZDIN-GO forth and Hex your foes on the Ranked Play Ladder with the Darkspear card back! You can only earn this card back by playing Hearthstone during the month of July.

These card backs replace the art decorating the reverse side of your cards and are a great way to show off your Hearthstone accomplishments. Add the Darkspear card back to your collection by hitting Rank 20 in Ranked Play mode. You’ll receive the Darkspear card back at the end of July’s Ranked Play Season.


Don’t forget—the further you move up the Ranked Play ladder, the more bonus stars you’ll receive next season. In Ranked Play, you’ll receive bonus stars based on your performance from the previous season —one bonus star per rank you attained. Please note that even if bonus stars from the previous season get you directly to Rank 20 or above, you still have to log in at least once each Ranked Season to qualify for the card back reward.

The top 100 Legend players for the July Ranked Play season will also accrue points towards qualifying for the Hearthstone World Championship. For more information on how you can become the next Hearthstone World Champion, please visit our Hearthstone World Championship blog here.

You be da Warchief in our sixteenth official Ranked Play Season, Darkspear Delight!, running through the month of July!

Hearthstone Patch Notes – – Tavern Brawl, New Heroes, and Customization

Blizzard Entertainment launched the three new purchaseable hero portraits: Medivh, Alleria and King Magni. In addition, the Tavern Brawl feature’s schedule has been announced.

In this Hearthstone patch, we’re introducing Tavern Brawl: a whole new way to play that changes every week!

Patch 2.7 also adds the ability to purchase new heroes for your Warrior, Hunter, and Mage decks. On top of that, you’ll now be able to customize each of your decks with its own card back.

The patch also includes two new card backs, as well as some bug fixes.

Read on for the full notes!


  • Introducing Tavern Brawl! Each week, a different Tavern Brawl will pit you head to head versus another player using exciting and unique rules. One week might feature preset decks, while another week could have you crafting a brand new Tavern Brawl deck following specific guidelines, while others might offer buffs to specific minion types. The possibilities are endless! Tavern Brawl unlocks for players who have at least one Hero at level 20.


Tavern Brawl will open and close according to the following schedule each week:

Region                          Open                                                     Close

Europe                         Wed      05:00 PM CET                     Mon      6:00 AM CET    

Americas                     Wed      10:00 AM PST                      Mon      3:00 AM PST        

Taiwan/China            Thurs     03:00 AM CST                     Mon      6:00 AM CST      

Korea                           Thurs     04:00 AM KST                    Mon      7:00 AM KST      

  • New Challengers Appear! Make room at the table for new heroes! New heroes put a fresh face on the existing classes you know and love. There is a new hero for the Warrior, Hunter, and Mage classes and each one features an animated portrait, a unique animated version of that classes’ existing hero power, a special ‘hero tray’, all new emotes, cool match start animations, and a themed card back.
  • Warrior Hero Magni Bronzebeard is now available for purchase.


  • Hunter Hero Alleria Windrunner is now available for purchase.


  • Mage Hero Medivh is now available for purchase.


  • You can now assign a card back to each of your decks.


  • You can now view your hard-earned card backs as well as card backs you have not yet acquired in the collection manager.


  • The following card backs have been added:
  • Galaxy Gifts – 


  • Darnassus – Acquired by reaching Rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during the month of June. Card backs are awarded at the end of the Ranked Play season.


  • Some changes have been made to the collection manager, including mana filtering and the position of some buttons.


  • [Mobile] You no longer have to log-in again when prompted to accept a new Terms of Use
  • [Android] Fixed a bug that prevented the Hearthstone app from running after it had been moved to external storage.
  • Core Rager now properly shows its attack and health buff in the History Tiles.
  • Fel Reaver now properly generates History Tiles when it destroys cards.
  • Non-golden Chromaggus now properly creates golden cards when the card drawn is golden.
  • Nozdormu no longer continues to produce a sandstorm effect after being Transformed.
  • Gang Up no longer displays more than 3 cards after being used on cards with Choose One.
  • Fixed an animation issue when golden cards with Taunt are destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue where Steamwheedle Sniper’s targeting effect was not appearing over the Golden Hunter’s Hero Power.
  • Fixed various graphical, sound, and UI issues.

New Hearthstone Hero : Medivh the Guardian

Yet again another Hero for Hearthstone has been revealed today : Medivh the Guardian of Tirisfal. An alternative for Jaina Proudmoore. Now questions about how Medivh could play a game of Hearthstone since he’s long dead (a bit like how Alleria can join the Tavern since she’s missing with her husband Turalyon).

But enough of this, are you going to use the magics of Medivh against your enemies?




New Hearthstone Hero: Alleria Windrunner

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the next Hearthstone Hero portrait: Alleria Windrunner (Hunter). This reveal hits home and sits well. In World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, there is a random daily quest in the Inn building where you are sent by the cowled night elf to search for clues about a high elf in the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds. The objective is to find high elven arrows. In a follow up quest, she reveals she is searching for Alleria Windrunner, which means Blizzard has plans to unveil her as an NPC.

Alleria and Turalyon are M.I.A. the past 20 years. If the Night Elf is searching for her in Draenor’s past, it is clear that they might have gone through one of Ner’zhul’s portals which seem to send one either through space or time.

It’s great to see Alleria once more and even better in Hearthstone. Michele Morrow announced earlier that she voiced Alleria Windrunner for Hearthstone.

A new way to play : The Tavern Brawl

Today’s announcement is particularly interesting, after yesterday new about Blizzard teasing which is now official : A ne game mode has been revealed, the Tavern Brawl which is quite mysterious. The news is also teasing 2 new heroes for Hunters and Mages.

The first one seems to be an elf we don’t know yet if it could be one of the Windrunner sisters like Alleria or Vereesa (since Sylvanas is already a Legendary card an interaction between the two of them seem possible). The last one is “obviously” (for me), Medivh recognizable with his feathers on his shoulders.

More informations about the Tavern Brawl should come soon since the opening is for Mid-June (maybe even next week)!

There’s a rumbling behind the doors of the Tavern. Hearthstone’s latest patch is coming soon and it introduces some big changes and features, so let’s throw open the doors and find out what’s next on tap!

Introducing Tavern Brawl!

Tavern Brawl is a new way to play Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft!


Each week, a different Tavern Brawl will pit you head to head versus another player using exciting and unique rules. One week might feature preset decks, while another week could have you crafting a brand new Tavern Brawl deck following specific guidelines, while others might offer buffs to specific minion types—who knows!

Tavern Brawl can be found below the Play, Solo Adventures, and the Arena buttons on the main Hearthstone screen. You may have to toughen up before entering the fray—Tavern Brawl is unlocked once a player has a level 20 Hero.

The possibilities for fun inside Tavern Brawl are endless— the only thing you should expect is the unexpected!

Brawl with Buddies


While it’s fun to get into Tavern Brawls with strangers, it’s also a blast to brawl with your buddies! To start a Tavern Brawl with a friend, enter the Tavern Brawl menu, open your Friends List, and push the ‘Challenge’ button next to your friend’s name. After they accept, press the Brawl Friend button and let the battle begin!


The first playable Tavern Brawl arrives in Mid-June, so get ready to pile on and knock some heads together. Brawls get plenty rowdy, so the Innkeeper will definitely need a couple of days after each one ends to get the inn all tidied up before the next brawl begins. That means Tavern Brawls are temporarily closed while the Innkeeper cleans up before a new, different brawl starts—so be sure to get a match or two in while you can! Stay up to date on when the next Tavern Brawl begins by keeping an eye on the official Hearthstone Twitter and Facebook.

2p7_HS_TavernFriend03_Lightbox_CK_150x149.pngTavern Brawls will have free admission when the new mode becomes available. As part of the launch celebration, you’ll earn a free card pack when you win your first game of the week in the first several brawls!




New Challengers Appear

New Heroes put a fresh face on the classes you know and love. Each new Hero takes an iconic personage from Warcraft history and brings them to the inn. These Heroes feature animated portraits, a unique animated version of their Hero Power, personalized game board artwork, all new emotes, special match start animations, and a custom-themed card back.

These Heroes will be available for purchase using real money in the Heroes section of the in-game shop.

Magni Bronzebeard, King of Khaz Modan and Thane of Ironforge, is the new Warrior Hero. This noble dwarf will bring the hammer down upon his foes! He’s not the only new face coming to the tavern, and there are more heroes yet to come:


HeroTeaser02_HS_FB_CK_960x960.png HeroTeaser03_HS_FB_CK_960x960.png

 Keep in mind that new Heroes do not add new cards to your collection, change the classes’ Hero Power, and are not considered new classes.


Customize Your Decks

Customize each of your decks like never before by assigning each one its own card back! Your card back collection has been moved to the Collection Manager. Selecting a card back will give you a closer look at it and allow you to set it as your favorite, making it your default card back for all decks.

If you want to assign a different card back to one of your decks, just open the deck you want to assign the card back to, select the card back tab in your Collection Manager, then drag your card back into the waiting card back slot.


Your new Heroes work the exact same way! Just go to the Heroes tab to see all the Heroes you’ve collected. Select a Hero and set them as a favorite, which will assign them to every deck you play with that class. You can also pick and choose Heroes for specific decks, so if a new Hero has joined your collection, you don’t have to leave an old favorite out in the cold.

Each deck in your collection can be assigned a unique card back and Hero.

Let the Games Begin!

We hope you enjoy all the new features coming with Patch 2.7. Be sure to get into a Tavern Brawl, add a new Hero to your roster, and have fun picking a different card back for each of your decks.

We’ll see you at the inn!

Second Teaser for the Hearthstone Mysterious Game Mode Button

Blizzard Entertainment posted a second teaser concerning the mysterious fourth button animation posted yesterday.



This second image brings up more questions than answers. It is a Tavern brawl with people fighting each other. Could this be misdirection or should be taken literally? The literal thinking of a brawl would be a multiplayer match like 2v2 instead of the usual 1v1.

If this is a 2v2 or 3v3, this would certainly change the way we usually play Hearthstone; and might introduce new rules. In a 2v2 environment, for example, 30 Health as a rule would make a match really too fast. The Health pool should have to be increased.

Our member, Naka (@dperschonok) suggests this might be a Tournament mode. Naka also pointed out at two comments made by Hearthstone (Germany) Facebook page: This button has nothing to do with the Shop, and the new feature won’t be Co-op either. It is also known that King Magni’s portrait and upcoming portraits will be stored in the Hero selection page. So the mysterious button might be a new game mode in addition to the Play, Solo Adventures and The Arena.

Or how about a free for all match with multiple players? How would all this work out in Hearthstone is beyond me. But then again, this is mere speculation and we have to sit tight and wait for Blizzard to unveil what fate has in store for the mysterious button.

Phonetap Wins the Hearthstone’s ESL Legendary Series Season 2 Finals

I am very proud to report that Phonetap won the ESL Legendary Series Season 2 Finals with a $10,000 prize and 100 champion points. The reason is that Phonetap is a member of the Blizzplanet’s Hearthstone NYC Fireside since July 2014.

He is a very shy and humble guy. He has won a couple of our fireside tournaments, and he’s proven himself against SilenStorm, LifeCoach, Reynad and all players of this recent ESL tournament. Big congratulations to our fellow member. Watch the videos below:


2015 E3 Expo or GamesCom? Blizzard Teases New Hearthstone Feature

Blizzard Entertainment just kicked the speculation beehive by posting an animated GIF in the official Twitter.

2015 E3 Expo or GamesCom? Blizzard Teases New Hearthstone Feature

It shows the Hearthstone’s main hub where you choose: Play, Solo Adventures and The Arena. However, it shows a new button sinking in and getting switched by a new button. Adding a new button here might indicate a new game mode or unthinkable feature will be introduced.

If this is the case, we have seen Blizzard hold press events to announce these.

Blizzplanet was invited to the most recent invite-only press event at the 2015 PAX East (follow the link for our coverage).

If this new feature is announced, the only three events in the immediate horizon are:

  • E3 Expo (June 16-18)
  • San Diego Comic Con (July 9-12)
  • GamesCom (August 5-9)

We know that Blizzard Entertainment is listed to be at E3 Expo. However, Naka asked at the Heroes of the Storm Mayhem Begins Youtube event a few days ago whether there will be a Blizzard booth at E3, and there wasn’t much of a hint. So, we don’t know for certain if this might be a platform for Blizzard to unveil this new Hearthstone feature.

San Diego Comic Con has tradionally been used by Blizzard as a platform to announce upcoming licensed products. We have never seen game announcements there.

That only leaves us with GamesCom as a 100% candidate, and E3 as a more or less possibility.

Let’s not forget that Blizzard surprised everyone after a long absence from E3 in 2013 where they unveiled the Diablo III on PS4. So I wouldn’t completely discard E3, just that it is less unlikely than GamesCom.

On the bright side, this teaser was posted today — barely 8 days away from E3. So … that’s a very timely coincidence, don’t you think?

Fret not. Blizzplanet reporter Naka (@dperschonok) will be at E3 Expo next week, and if Blizzard has anything to show, we will have photos and video for you.

Of course, there is also the alternative that there might be a reveal on the official website instead.

New Game Mode or a Story Mode?

Our staff speculated briefly over Skype, and our reporter Handclaww said:

“We got regular play, solo adventures and the arena… so what will they add this time? I mean, on the one hand there were the “stories” during the Magni reveal…”

He refers to the recent article posted by Blizzard Entertainment titled: “The Innkeeper’s Tale: A Mysterious Patron

Share your thoughts in our forums.

Mech Mage Deck Videos – June 2015

When you start playing a card game for the first time, you might be a bit lost on what deck configuration to start with. Observing other good players is the way to go. You can either watch Hearthstone Championship eSports videos, proGamer videos, or follow Hearthstone developers to check what their decks are and how good they are doing.

Of course, it might take a while for you to gather the specific cards in a deck, but you can grind Arena matches to obtain the needed Arcane Dust to craft the Legendary cards. It took me a while, but I finally crafted my first Legendary: [Dr. Boom].

Right after getting Dr. Boom, and using this Mech Mage deck, I went straight to Rank 12 for the first time. At that point, Warlock Zoo and Hunter gives me a bit of pause. I can say I am comfortable with this deck, but there is room for improvement.

Hearthstone: Blizzard Hints New Hero Class Alternatives with King Magni

Blizzard Entertainment France posted in the official twitter account an animation of a new alternate Warrior class hero: King Magni. Is Blizzard hinting new portraits are coming?

Imagine Nobundo as a Alliance Shaman hero in Hearthstone. Or Zen’tabra as a new Horde Druid hero? Would be awesome to see Blizzard add new hero choices, some unlockable as well.

Update: Blizzard (USA) posted an overview page of King Magni. This will be a new service where you can buy new Hero class alternatives for $9.99. — read more.

Hearthstone: Blizzard Hints New Hero Class Alternatives with King Magni


Taking a glimpse at past Hearthstone content release windows, Team 5 is launching new content (either an Adventure or an expansion) every 4 months (and few days) as seen in the dates below:

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (core game): March 11, 2014
4 months later
Curse of Naxxramas (Adventure): July 22, 2014
4 months later
Goblin vs Gnomes (expansion): December 8, 2014
4 months later
Blackrock Mountain (Adventure): April 2, 2015
4 months later
????????? (expansion?): August ?, 2015

As seen in the release date window above, Blizzard is indeed launching new content every 4 months. Our writer Benjamin Vogt pointed out that the new Hero classes might be in the in-game shop every few weeks, and if our calculations aren’t too flawed this might be actually a countdown toward GamesCom which is coincidentially happening in August 5-9 (around the time when the 4th month after Blackrock Mountain happens).

Any conspiracy theorists out there thinking what we are thinking?

Blizzplanet member Handclaww will be at GamesCom 2015 covering anything Blizzard Entertainment has to announce at the event. Stay tuned.

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