BlizzCon 2016 Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Panel Transcript

The Grim Goons

Matt: Super cool card. Awesome. Really cool design, perfect for the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, and as we mentioned earlier in addition to pirates and individual criminals there’s three major crime families that call the shots here in Gadgetzan; and the first one we’re going to show you is the Grimy Goons.



They represent the disorganized crime here in Gadgetzan, and they make their cash with petty crimes and bank robberies, and their major operation which is weapons-smuggling; and they all take their orders from their leader: the two-headed ogre Don Han’cho.



(audience laughs)

Jomaro: Don Han’cho. This guy was so much fun to create. He is half-suit-business-man, and the other half knuckle-thumbing-thug, I mean this guy he started from the bottoms, he worked his way to the top. He is ambitious, he had a plan, and he had the muscle to like really change things in Gadgetzan.

At this point, he’s recruiting madly, he’s trying to bolster his ranks in preparation for a hostile takeover of Gadgetzan. Let me show you what went into designing this character. So of course, with the two minds we wanted him to visually reflect that. So we just literally split him down the middle, like on one side he’s sleak, his tie is nice, he has cufflinks, he has the mob aesthetics, he has the cool hat, the bowler hat, he has the pinstripe pants. On the other side, he just wants to be comfortable while he knocks people out. He’s like Deeb. I mean, I don’t even think he washes his clothes. That must be kind of hard when they are stitched together, but I’m sure they figure it out.



Even their weapons say a lot about their character, like that gun is pretty efficient when the other hand you have these brass knuckles. He wants to get up close and personal in your face, okay, so what we try to do with this is we try to establish a lot of the visual language, the palette, and stuff upfront; so we can inform the rest of his goons and the rest of his henchmen. Let’s look at these guys.



So on the far left you have the Hozen, and as you can see right away he has that cool hat, he has the pinstripes, you can see that across the board, the suspenders. Right next to the Hozen, you have this Forsaken, and honestly with that straight razor that dude looks like serious business. I don’t want to run into him in a dark alley in Gadgetzan, and the Murloc on the far right, this guy’s interesting…. on the Hearthstone team we kind of like have this kind of murloc test, we kind of throw a murloc in everything just to see how it feels; and this murloc… he had a tough time, because he had to grow a mustache. Have you ever seen a murlock with a mustache? You have now.



So let me show you these guys in-game. So you can see some of those design choices, the pinstripes, the cool hats– that murloc, his mustache is still looking cool, and check out his weapon, because he doesn’t have bullets in his gun, he has seashells!!! I mean that’s what a murloc would do. To the far right, we have that goblin, and like Matt said: you know, weapons-smuggling, and weapons-trading. That’s a major source of income for the Grimy Goons. So we also had to design quite a few weapons for these guys, and I might show you those.



Okay, so the big gun on the top left is the Rockspitter. That was the first gun that we created, it felt so awesome. I mean stuffing boulders. You grind them up, and you shoot rocks into your opponent’s face. I mean, that’s so much fun, and again here we are with this murloc test. What kind of gun does a murloc use? He has to have a gun. Right? And murlocs, they get hungry, so we made a special attachment that has a fishing pole, after a hard day’s work a murloc has to eat; but honestly, my favorite gun on this page and you might have to squint your eyes, it’s in the bottom right hand corner, it’s called the Derpenger.



This gun is small, but it packs a heck of a punch, and what’s funny is the scope is bigger than the gun and the scope has a scope, so no shots are being missed. Let me show you a few of these guns in-game. So that’s the Piranha Launcher. We love the Piranha Launcher, obviously, like that’s just a cool gun. And in the center, my favorite gun the Derpenger — that tauren — she’s holding down her weapons with that little gun, she knows it’s the best gun, she feels me. On the far right, that Rockspitter Gun is super-upgrade like, that guy looks like he has a tank slung across his shoulders, he could probably level up a whole block in Gadgetzan. So really happy with how they came out, and that kind of like wraps up the visual design of the Grimy Goons.



Matt: So let’s take a look at the turf that belongs to the Grimy Goons. There are three classes that make them up: a Hunter, Paladin, and Warrior. The gun-smuggling is represented by the hunters, and then the self-proclaimed law here in Gadgetzan, they are the enforcers on the streets: the brutes. So Paladin and warrior.



Alright, our first Grimy Goon card: I Know a Guy, now you can know a guy. So we love these designs that have this great flavor, and perfectly synergize with the mechanics that tells that story. So they can discover that bodyguard you need, early game, or late game. I pick the cheap minion, expensive Taunt minion, great card.



As you may guess, bank robbery is a huge problem here in Gadgetzan, once you get all that cash… How do you get away? Here is our answer: the Getaway Kodo. The kodo is busting through the bank all those Grimy Goons riding on his back. So this is a 1-Cost paladin secret. Whenever your opponent kills a minion, it’s going to go back to your hand so you get the battlecries again. So it’s a cool new way to get your cards back.



Alright next, Small-Time Recruits lets you pull three 1-Cost minions from your deck directly to your hand. So we love cards like this. They have different ways you can explore, different deck building paths. So you might do with murlocs, all the little guys buffing each other, Shifter Zerus, she is going to transform into some bigger minion later; and regardless of which path you go, it’s cool that you are thinning your deck. So you can have better draws in the late game when you play this card.



Alright, next we have a paladins legendary: Wickerflame Burnbristle. He is awesome. I know he looks crazy. He looks insane, but I’m going to argue he’s not. He has built a cannon into his chest armor, and for the sake of efficiency, he doesn’t use his hands to light the fuse to fire the next cannon ball. He keeps his beard on fire so he can just duck down and light that next cannon. So you can see not insane at all, just efficient. Taunt and Divine Shield mean he’s going to get into a couple fights, which works great with his power that restores health to your hero whenever he deals damage. Combine that with some paladin buffs, get up to 5 Attack, and you might be restoring 10 health to your hero. So it’s a pretty awesome card.



Next, we’ve got our rare tri-class Grimy Goons card: the Grimestreet Informant. So his Battlecry which he discovers a card from one of the classes: one of the three classes that make up the Grimy Goons, and as you can see it’s cycling through that banners underneath in the top left cycling through the colors that make up those three classes; and this card is not restricted to one of those classes. You can actually play it in any three. So you can play it in the Hunter, Paladin, or Warrior; and specifically, how this works…



You will always get one Hunter, one Paladin, and one Warrior card. So you can break the rules, and bust out of your class, and get some cards from the other classes.



So here’s an example. It might be a hunter’s Eaglehorn Bow, paladin’s Truesilver champion, or warrior’s Upgrade! Then if you are already playing paladin, so you have Truesilver Champion which normally deals 8-damage, and restores 4-health to your hero. Combine that with Upgrade!, it will start dealing 15-damage and restoring 6-health to your hero. So pretty crazy.

So we love these new combinations that might have been difficult or impossible before, that are made possible by these track class Discover cards. Another Paladin deck you might play, the secret Paladin. Imagine that. With Eaglehorn Bow showing up. It’s pretty crazy.



Alright, that’s the Grimy Goons. These enforcers, the brutes, the self-proclaimed law here in Gadgetzan.

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BlizzCon 2016 Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Panel Transcript
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