BlizzCon 2016 Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Panel Transcript

The Jade Lotus

Matt: Next we have our third and final family. They are the assassins. They move by night. Unseen. They are stealing Jade, and Jade artifacts from all over Azeroth, and bringing them here to Gadgetzan for some nefarious reason; and they are the Jade Lotus.



Jomaro: Oh, the Jade Lotus! Check out that huge pandaren. His name is White Eyes. He is as inmoveable as a mountain, as swift as lightning, and as pitiless as a storm.



When his name is whispered throughout the streets of Gadgetzan, all these hardened criminals they shake in their boots, they’re afraid of this guy. There’s one small thing that most people don’t know: he is in fact not the leader of the Jade Lotus. He’s the sworn bodyguard of Aya Blackpaw. That’s her down below. Don’t let her bright eyes and her smile fool you. She’s quite deadly. She comes in a small package and just you have to look out for this Aya Blackpaw. She’s very cunning.

Let me show you what went into designing these two. Okay, right away we had to have scale. He had to be much larger than her and to accomplish that we did a few things: take a look at his pauldrons… it is an ancient pandaren bell. That thing must weigh a ton, and he’s just shouldering that thing like it’s nothing, got to be strong.



Now look at his gauntlets. They are made from empty brewmaster kegs. Can you imagine how big your arms will have to be to fill a brewmaster keg? He’s a big dude. You will also notice that they are ornate in jade, that they’re collecting in a trendy pace … for some nefarious reason, and also gold. That gold is to represent their fluid family.

Aya Blackpaw is the last member of the Blackpaw family, and they are very wealthy. On the far right there, you see that early sketch of White Eyes. You can see the jade lotus on his back. I mean honestly, I stood in the mirror, I went like this… just to make sure it was right. I think I got it. I gotta do some more pushups.



Matt: Oh… that’s you?!

Jomaro: Let me show you how some of these design decisions worked out in-game. So we pulled a lot of characters and casts from Pandaria. The Mantid… they make great rogues, they got four arms. You know… they got two little ones. They’re like daggers. They can just like: “shtzz,shtzz, shtzZ!!“… that’s perfect. And the center, you have the Vermin. Those guys, they are pesky… oh, those guys, they travel in packs, they’ve got brass knuckles, it’s like a fluffy-white-wave coming at you. Hard to deal with, and of course, the Jinyu. I mean, they are elegant, they are slippery, they… he has those cool bamboo nunchucks, he looks deadly, but cool at the same time.



Matt: Jomaro, I want to collect that ninja murloc, that is so cool! I wish we had made that a legendary in the set.

Jomaro: oh, we should have.

Matt: If only we had done that.

Jomaro: Listen, listen, ninja starfish are crazy. So let me show you a few of these guys in-game. Look at that Mantid. He’s going to cause some problems, and in the center, you have that Vermin. Now I just told you that they travel in packs. But he solo right there. He is super focused. He is like super Saiyan with carrots. This guy I wouldn’t mess with that dude. On the far right, you have another huge pandaren just tip-toeing through the shadows like it’s nothing. I’ll learn how to do that. I’m going to do it.



You’ll notice they all have different kinds of weapons. Let me say you a little bit about some of the weapons design. Thankfully, the World of Warcraft Team did a great job on designing weapons for Pandaria. So they inspired us a great deal. Let me show you a few of these in-game.



Woooh … That Jade Golem with a double-sided polearm? Super fierce, and then we have Aya Blackpaw in the center. She has a spiked chain with an emerald tip. Deadly, deadly. Like I told you, don’t let the bright eyes and that smile fool you, she will take you out. On the far right, that Mantid coming out of the shadows with that stick dagger? He’s an assassin for sure. And that kind of wraps up the visual design of the Jade Lotus.

Matt: Cool, here are the three classes that make up the Jade Lotus: we’ve got Rogue, Shaman and Druids. So they represent assassins, and the mystical and martial masters. Our first card: Pilfered Power. Quite potent! This is a druid spell. It gives you mana based on how many minions you have in play.



So in Turn-3. if you have got three minions, you are going to skyrocket from 3-Mana on Turn-3 all the way to 7-Mana on Turn-4. So… pretty insane! And let’s you kinda make cool decks too. You want a lot of little guys to power up your Pilfered Power, and then you skip the middle part of your curve, and then just have all haymakers at the end. So it’s kind of a new cool deck–

Alrighty, our next spell. I believe everyone in here has probably cast at least once, maybe hundreds if not thousands of times, can anyone guess what it is? Ohh, I did hear it, actually!

You are correct. We have given Rogues the coin: the Counterfeit Coin with Aya actually on the picture. This gives you one mana this turn only, and it’s kind of crazy to give this to Rogues; but we had to do it because of how well it combos with the Gadgetzan Auctioneer here in Gadgetzan. So pretty cool.



Next we’ve got the rare tri-class for the Jade Lotus. So these cards are super cool. This is Lotus Agents which you Discover a card from one of the three classes as before. One of the three classes that make up the Jade Lotus.



I want to talk a little bit about tri-class real quick. We have got 9 total in the set. Each of the crime families will have three, and one of those three for each of the families will be their awesome boss.

So we are showing Kazakus here this weekend, each of the other ones get one too: Aya Blackpaw and Don Han’cho.

So the Lotus Agents which you Discover, and this is great. Once again, it lets you break the rules and create new combinations that might have been difficult before. Maybe you are playing Druid who normally doesn’t get access to weapons. Well, luckily Rogue and Shaman do. So pretty cool.

Alright, we’ve got one more card reveal. This is a legendary. Very exciting. It’s for druid. Yeah, pretty awesome: Kun the Forgotten King. He is the biggest Choose One that we have ever had for druid: 10-armor as one choice, or Refresh your Mana Crystals as the other — which essentially makes him free in the late game.



Comes without a reduction of cost for your minions, and other things, and he looks pretty crazy bouncing back into your hand. Very cool card. Awesome. So that does it for the card reveals. We have one more important reveal.

Jomaro: The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan pack, in a dangerous city like Gadgetzan, it had to be a safe. Right? You have to keep those valuable Hearthstone cards somewhere safe; but honestly, the fun part is not keeping them in there, it is going to be busting them out, and you are going to do that in early December.



(audience applauses and cheers)

Matt: Yay, exciting! … and leading up to Gadgetzan’s launch in early December, we’re going to be doing a focus each week on each of the families. So be sure to stay tuned for that. We have got a lot of their cards going to be revealed, and each has a new strategy, and new way to play that we will be showing you guys in those weeks.

Alright, now I’m a liar. We have one more card to show. Couldn’t end without showing it. Hinted at it earlier. This is the Assassin. The number one assassin here in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, and he’s the guy you hire when you need the job done right, and no witnesses left behind; and the good news? … he will work for fish. So awesome!

Finja, the Flying Star. He’s a stealth ninja Murloc who is a master in the art of ninjitsu, and when he kills an enemy minion he will pick two murlocs from your deck he deems worthy to train in this ancient art of ninjitsu and put them directly from your deck and into play. So awesome in murloc deck. Can make some new ones since he doesn’t make you pay for them. So… super cool card. Also guys, thank you! This was tons of fun.



Jomaro: And honestly, I must speak for the whole Hearthstone Team. We have appreciated all of the love, and we love you right back. Have a great BlizzCon! Thank you, guys.

BlizzCon 2016 Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Panel Transcript
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