Blizzplanet – Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway

UPDATE: Entries are now closed. The form has been removed, and winners will be chosen. Thanks for participating. I’ll inform on the front page and social accounts if new beta keys are provided in the near future.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft finally went into closed beta for both veteran TCG/CCG players and new players. We thank Blizzard Entertainment for developing this game and for providing us beta keys for the staff and our visitors.

Just to show you how addicting this game can be — I have unlocked all class characters, reached level 23 on my Jaina (mage) character, three level 10 characters, and one level 5.


So how will these Hearthstone beta keys be given away to fans? Simply fill the form below. I’ll pick random winners. Please, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to follow our breaking news, future betas, etc.

Update: Added a form to submit entries. Please one entry per player.
Note: Below the form is a list of fellow Hearthstone fansites also giving away beta keys.

Our comments system allows you to post using your facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin and Open ID login username and password.

Other Fansites Giveaways

As a thank you, there are even more ways to win a beta key. Visit GamersBook which is running their own giveaway. Note: below the form is a list of fansites giving away beta keys too.


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  • Praetos

    Hey BlizzPlanet…Thanks for the giveaways. Keep up the great content.

  • zawok

    Nice giveaway, hope I’ll get one, good work Blizzplanet =] ! Have a nice day staff !

  • hiimjade

    this game looks so good. i want a beta key!

  • Wade_Stewart


  • JasonHaigwood

    I would totally love a beta key.  Hearthstone, probably the best online card game to date.

  • JeepB1

    I love Oprah. But I love Blizzplanet more!!! <3

  • MistahS

    I’d love to get into the Hearthstone Beta. Thanks!

  • erick_valdez

    Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck to everyone trying to get into the beta!

  • RazaeleZenitram

    /pick me!

  • draglino

    I’m watching random hearthstone streams while waiting for a key. Really want it 🙁

  • RobertoCavalli

    So nice, i can’t wait to play Hearthstone ! 😀
    I’m in! 
    Good luck everyone

  • Sogonzo1

    Want to play so bad! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • EscapingJail

    key please

  • BryanThrows

    Someday i will get a key! Thanks for the giveaway and gl everyone!

  • yorkinshire

    Good luck everyone!

  • BenjaminCathey

    I need to play this game like a murlock needs to warrglbglblglbreebgelbg

  • Maakos

    Givz keyz plz

  • Moccorongo

    Need this Key NAO PLOX!

  • Aaronnnnyyy

    Can’t wait to try out my Pala and hunter decks!! Looking forward to playing the beta :D!

  • GodsSon58

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway and best of luck to everyone! Followed on Twitter!

  • RafaelGMuseum

    When I was a kid, it was too much fun playing Magic, and now I feel Heartstone will bring back this feeling for me. 😀
    I need to play… xD

  • Zophie Winters

    I would really like a key so I can play plz <3

  • ZachParsons

    Man this game looks so freaking fun!!!!! I would love to play it!!!

  • rtcost

    I would love to get a key !!!!

  • Odof88

    Would love to win this Key!

  • SterlingArcher1

    I need to play Priest before they nerf him 😮

  • JoshuaMagpoc

    Hello 😀 I’d like to win the Hearthstone Beta Key because I’ve been trying ever so hard to win one for quite some time. Even prayed before the results of contests xD I love these types of games and it’d make my whole day/week/month/ and year if I were to win it 😀 Thanks for holding this contest! I hope I win!

  • Syctra

    Just trying my luck here. Been waiting for this game.

  • snowmayne

    thanks for doing this giveaway!! hope i get it if not good luck to everyone else!!
    cant wait to get in and make my awsome druid deck

  • ScottObrestad

    Playing a lot of TGCs, but i can’t wait for Hearthstone! 
    Every time a email pop, i pray for a beta key!

  • bstock84

    Awesome, thanks for doing the giveaway! So excited for this game!

  • DuckGyver

    Plspls, I need to play Hearthstone. Can’t even think about anything else let alone do anything productive until I fulfill my craving

  • Targroth

    I have a dream… That I might actually be lucky enough to get a beta key! (And spend the rest of the week playing this incredible game!)

  • Kakatub

    I hope to win one 🙂 . Have been waiting for this game

  • IVladev

    Long time reader , thanks for the giveaway …i hope i will win this time .

  • k_szt0rm_krk

    And another shot at beta key! Thanks for the give away, fingers crossed!

  • kentondickerson

    Make a wish foundation denied my dying wish to grant me a Hearthstone beta key, Please ease my suffering by picking me for a Hearthstone beta key.

  • orangensaft

    Hi I’d love to get a beta key!

  • ryckcomp

    Count me in for the giveaway!

  • RusSchultz

    Game looks so great, would love to get in the beta, thanks for doing the giveaway

  • hearthspot

    Would love to get into the beta to improve my blog with videos of the gameplay! 🙂

  • Woolfer

    Looks like good game if only i could try it… 😉

  • Warbanzai

    I’d love that key, I mean who doesn’t.

  • oneneo

    Good sir, I would also like a Beta Key. Thanks for running this giveaway, and good luck to everyone!

  • togood

    I would love to win the beta key!

  • St0nedpanda

    cant wait for the game to come out

  • Mor7als

    Awesome Game been watching Streamers whole day and would Love to play it 🙂

  • KoolBlaid

    I want in too!

  • ShawnCaution

    Might as well give it a chance..I know it wont happen though. Ugh, would love to play/stream hearthstone. :[

  • SoraStarcraft

    Been watching the Hearthstone streams since it started, Would love a key 😀

  • tsaegert

    I wanna be a weiner! I mean winner.

  • FlorinRoseanu

    Me want beta key!

  • aquoss

    would love a kkey

  • BrianJespersen

    me want beta please

  • TrevorMoyer

    Really want a key so I can play before the world ends.

  • rivak

    Beta key plz

  • Azianpyro

    Please give me a key. faggot

  • Chimeron

    Beta please?

  • Gorlan789

    Good luck everyone,

  • Revirath

    Thanks for another chance at a key!

  • T3stikills

    I like me some Beta

  • Maximeuuh

    *cross the fingers*

  • nimbley

    I want, been waiting since the beginning of the summer! BETA PLZ!:D

  • MichalLutter

    Posting a comment below… 🙂

  • Nebbeth

    Hope I win a key! Good luck everyone!

  • Wolf_Maik_

    Thanks for the giveaway, gl

  • Thefallen

    Been playing blizzard games since the original Warcraft, would be extremely thankful if I could add this one to my list. Thanks for the opportunity

  • Greace11

    Thank you for the chance to win! Good luck everybody.

  • geekfro

    I would like a beta key!

  • andygoyap

    Thank you medieval for giving us a chance to play Hearthstone! I wish everyone luck!

  • SchismicPotroas

    Would love a beta key!

  • shanegoll

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a key!

  • dookedoo

    Would also like a beta key please 🙂

  • silencedactor

    please pick me

  • beechslood

    like a somebooooodeeeh gibi da code todaeh

  • Kolallah

    A beta key would make a koala quite happy !

  • deadpool2456

    I would love a beta key please

  • inbellator

    would love a key 🙂 game looks awsome!!

  • Secondasia

    please sir could i have a beta key?

  • nknlol


  • OlafGarrdun

    Please Hearthstone Beta Gods relieve me of my suffering!

  • Len0r4ever

    I hope I get one.

  • meta_p0d

    random pick me !

  • AndrewStephan

    Being able to try out the beta would be pretty cool.

  • Xelfos

    When will you choose the winners??? just to know when im going to start playing 🙂

  • VKMark

    I’d love to play before going back to teaching on Monday

  • sf0804


  • jdavidtwo14

    PICK ME! gl to all!

  • maebarakeiichikun

    This game looks amazing cant wait till i get a beta key I need to play NOW!

  • Vincent_A

    Please  Please  Please I want to impress this hot blonde with a key.

  • Zehnder1

    Thank for this chance to win a beta key. I honestly haven’t coveted a beta key like this in a long while.

  • keagman1

    I have been dieing to play! Hope I win 🙂

  • Akio

    Since it came out I have been watching people play on twitch. It really looks super addictive! By the Heart of the Cards I hope you pick me!!!

  • RemeZZZZ

    Done nothing but watching HS streams all the time for past 2 days.. Pls I need this..

  • NotoriousMk1

    would love to win!

  • Budo311

    Ive been watching this guy for awhile , id love a chance to become apart of this , thanks for giving us this chance.

  • Spades

    Found out about this giveaway on youtube and had to come here immediately! So many giveaways I have to get lucky eventually :p

  • BryanStalzer

    Good luck to everyone in the drawing! I hope to join all of you very soon! 🙂

  • Drakenator

    This key that I would like to acquire is not just any “key” It is a BETA KEY TO UNLOCK EXTREME EPICNESS! Intense matches and intelligent battles amongst great companions and enemies all to achieve glory and standing. Aye this key would be an honor to have.

  • Kozzo

    Yes please

  • Nanai87

    A hearthstone key for me would really save the upcoming weekend when I get visited by a friend from across the country that I love to play games with 🙂

  • MartinLohman

    I would love a key!!!

  • carlosiwasaki

    A key would be lovely!

  • HeavysGames

    I’m sure i can help the comunnity of Hearthstone grow ! 
    I can provide good quality streams, videos, tutorials, strategies and guides.Just give this oportunity….

  • Agony099

    Would love to be streaming this game! Long time blizzard fan, played warcraft and been playing WoW for 6 years, been playing ccg and tcg games for about 14 years! would LOVE to experience this game!

  • MrRiemt

    I would really like to get a beta-key, because I play TCG’s since I’m 4 Years old, beginning with Pokémon. Later on I started to play Yu-gi-oh when it was released. When i was 10 a friend showed me Magic and i thought that it is extremly awesome. Now days I don’t know many People in my area who still play TCG’s, so I have to eTCG’s, but Duel of Cahmpions isn’t mine, but Hearthstone. I’ve been watching some many Streams in the last days.
    Additionally I’m a real Blizzardfanboy. I still play Diablo 2 and 3, Warcraft 3, Stacraft 2 and i used to play WoW. I love the universe and read a few warcraft books. I love watching Hearthstone, but I want to play the game on my selfe. My favorite Characters are Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore so i would play mage or shaman. Please give me the Beta-Key.
    Here’s a picture I drew:

  • nrvuser

    Thanks blizzplanet for hosting a contest, goodluck to everyone

  • RandalAndrade

    Good luck everybody!!!

  • NewConglomerat4

    OMG so excited, gon stream this game when I get my hands on a beta key

  • telandra

    Super hyped about this game. I can’t wait to see if it lives up to blizzard’s standards.

  • JETS115

    Can’t WAIT for this game to release =D

  • brunoisakk

    Thanks for the chance Blizzplanet

  • KacperHajduga

    when is the draw going to happen?

  • dmnk1001

    Good luck everyone!

  • Teemursu

    Would love me some beta key. 🙂

  • jmsutilo

    I am very excited!!! No puedo esperar mas!!! 🙂 I need a key!!!

  • Mascarenhas

    Good luck to everybody

  • inguroboy

    how can i get a key?

  • Jokko

    Betaaa 🙂 GL everyone

  • ArturKlepczynski

    Pls give me one beta key 🙂

  • PiotrCzerwinski

    Hearthstone here I come!

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