Hearthstone Meets Magic

Some very deliberate, very knowledgeable Hearthstone/Magic fan has merged the two games into a fun library of Magic: The Gathering cards, flavored from Hearthstone. I’d been doing a project like this for a while. Not to this scale or with the amount of patience this individual showed and it puts my meager idea into place.

Most of the cards are exactly what one would expect – nothing new or particularly inventive, just a straight conversion. What I like most, however, is the various mana colors the Hearthstone cards have been given. There’s no class dependency so they split all over the place – Thrall, for example, has a number of red and green creatures, but also some blue and white spells. I like the variety but I take issue with a few of the creator’s selections – Starfire is a red spell? And a lot of the big creatures are red despite green being the traditional home of the heavy hitters. Ah, well, nothing’s perfect. It’s still an impressive feat and definitely worth a look.

There’s some alternative art for a few cards, too, which I like. I’d rather have more art work available for the card interiors than the card backs, but that’s me.

Travis Morrow

Travis is a writer and designer who thoroughly enjoys getting pummeled in Hearthstone. His personal website is www.travisem.com

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