2016 ChinaJoy – Upcoming Hearthstone Karazhan Adventure Theorycrafting

2016-hearthstone-expansion-invitationWill it be Karazhan? Maybe. Maybe Not. Only time will tell. And now… on with the show!

Blizzard Entertainment will announce the newest Hearthstone adventure pack on July 29 at 2am EDT (New York City). As mentioned earlier, the invitation’s graphical motifs (the feather, the cocktail glasses, the stars, the musical notes) strongly suggest a Karazhan adventure.

1. Medivh’s shoulderpads have feathers and he can transform into a crow.
2. The cocktail glasses can be found in the Banquet Hall in Karazhan (By Moroes).
3. The music notes, represented in the Opera Hall’s organ piano.
4. The stars … maybe they are decorative, but there is a sky-telescope in upper Karazhan (by The Celestial Watch — Netherspite boss) and the top of Karazhan (Netherspace) is a window into the Twisting Nether.

All four elements mentioned above are found in the Hearthstone invitation that Blizzard Entertainment sent out to livestreamers, and represented in different boss encounters of Karazhan.



The Hearthstone Team has released two types of content so far since launch: Expansion packs and Adventure Packs. Blizzard has released three Adventure packs thus far: Naxxramas, Blackrock Mountain and The League of Explorers.

League of Explorers was kinda unique in that the previous two were based on actual World of Warcraft dungeons. Personally, I think League of Explorers was a mistake. The only League of Explorers boss that was actually a World of Warcraft boss is Archaedas (from Uldaman). All other bosses were custom made for Hearthstone and aren’t part of the Warcraft lore. Non-canon.



If the rumors and theories out there become true, and Blizzard releases a Kharazhan adventure, that would be the third Hearthstone adventure based 100% on a World of Warcraft dungeon.



The Naxxramas adventure had Kel’Thuzad taunting the player throughout the whole adventure which had five wings:

  • Arachnid Quarter
  • Plague Quarter
  • Military Quarter
  • Construct Quarter
  • Frostwyrm Lair




The Blackrock Mountain was very creative and fun. It was divided into three parts consisting of two World of Warcraft dungeons and three raids:

  • Blackrock Depths
  • Molten Core
  • Blackrock Spire
  • Blackwing Lair
  • The Hidden Laboratory (aka Blackwing Descent)

On top of that, the Blackrock Mountain adventure had a unique dynamic where Nefarian helped you defeat the Molten Core wings, and Ragnaros then helped you defeat the Blackwing wings.

Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain Logo



If Blizzard releases a Karazhan adventure, I can completely dig if they go the Blackrock Mountain route in a creative way with the lower tower controlled by Medivh, and the upper tower controlled by Prince Malchezaar and the Burning Legion. (In theory there could be a third section of the tower controlled by the Ethereals)

Or it could go the Naxxramas route where Kel’Thuzad was omnipresent in all the wings as a taunter, with Medivh guiding you through each Karazhan wing.

These are the World of Warcraft Karazhan bosses:

  • Attumen the Huntsman (The Stables)
  • Moroes (The Banquet Hall)
  • Maiden of Virtue (The Guest Quarters)
  • The Curator (The Menagerie)
  • Shade of Aran (Guardian’s Library)
  • Terestian Illhoof (The Repository)
  • Netherspite (The Celestial Watch)
  • Prince Malchezaar (Netherspace)



Attumen the Huntsman’s adventure might start with Nightmare at 30 Health. When he reaches 15 Health, Attumen mounts Nightmare (Increasing health to 30-45), and all hell breaks loose devastating your minions with a slash of his sword.

Among his minion cards might be any of these found in The Livery Stables: Koren the Blacksmith, Spectral Servant, Spectral Apprentice, Spectral Stable Hand, Spectral Stallion, Spectral Charger, Calliard the Nightman



The Moroes encounter could have Moroes being immune to attacks while his four minions on the battlefield remain alive. You must kill the minions before attacking Moroes. From time to time, Moroes attacks a random minion or your hero with a poisoned dagger attack.

Among the minion cards as his disposal might be any of these found in the Banquet Hall: Skeletal Waiter, Phantom Guest, Ghostly Steward, Spectral Servant, Phantom Attendant, Phantom Valet, Ghostly Baker, Spectral Chef, Spectral Sentry, Phantom Guardsman, or Bennet the Sergeant at Arms. Potential Class Challenge card: Ebonlocke.



The Maiden of Virtue can be trouble with her paladin abilities: Holy Ground (a consecration), Repentance (stun/sleep effect which in Hearthstone might mean a sort of freeze minion for 1 turn), and Holy Fire which burns a single minion.

The Guest Chambers card minions might have any of these servants: Concubine, Night Mistress, Wanton Hostess, Phantom Guardsman, or Spectral Sentry.




The Curator boss encounter in Karazhan has a few phases where he recharges (Evocation). Every turn he may summon 1 Astral Flare (Hero Power). Each turn, the Astral Flares does 1 damage to all enemy minions. Every 10 damage to Curator, he starts a new Evocation Phase. Each phase he summons an additional Astral Flare (2 per turn).

Some minion cards found in the Menagerie: Arcane Anomaly, Syphoner, Arcane Watchman.



Terestian Illhoof is a Satyr found in The Repository. His Hero power could be summon 3 Fiendish Imps. At 10 Health remaining I assume he could swap his hero power to Shadow Bolt. Terestian also summons Kil’rek (imp pet) which he can resurrect.

Potential minion cards found near the Repository in Karazhan: Shadow Pillager, and Homunculus.



Shade of Aran is Medivh’s father. He can cast Arcane Missiles, Fireball, Flame Wreath, Frostbolt, Arcane Explosion, Chains of Ice, Blizzard, Mass Polymorph, Pyroblast, and summons 4 Conjured Elementals at 30% health in World of Warcraft. Pretty powerful boss.

Some potential minion cards found in the Guardian’s Library: Arcane Protector, Arcane Watchman, Chaotic Sentience, Mana Feeder, Wravien the Mage, Kamsis the Conjurer, Gradav the Warlock, Magical Horror, Mana Warp, Spell Shade and Sorcerous Shade.



The last boss of Karazhan is a demon eredar named Prince Malchezaar. He summons Infernals. He casts Shadow Word: Pain on a single minion, and Shadow Nova (AOE). At 50% health he dual-wields axes and casts Sunder Armor. Then casts Amplify Damage and his axes float to attack you while he melee attacks you. That’s the encounter in World of Warcraft.

Some potential minion cards based on the Master’s Terrace (after the Gamesman’s Hall), and Netherspace areas in Karazhan: Infernals, Fleshbeast and Greater Fleshbeast.


Potential Boss Encounters

There are other encounters in Karazhan that would be awkward to translate into a Hearthstone boss encounter.



This is an optional encounter that doesn’t have bosses per se, so they could act as filler to replace the Opera Hall encounter. These are random spawn elite bosses found a floor beneath the Maiden of Virtue (the area with the bats, hounds, and spiders).

  • Hyakiss the Lurker
  • Rokad the Ravager
  • Shadikith the Glider



This one I can understand if Blizzard scraps it in favor of other optional boss encounters found throughout Karazhan.

  • Wizard of Oz
  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Romulo and Julianne

If this encounter is added, it might go a couple of ways: the first one might require some engine changes to allow a random Enemy Hero each time you play that Opera Hall adventure — where one time you play against the Wizard of Oz, another time the Big Bad Wolf, and so forth. That would be a bit challenging for the Hearthstone developers.

The second way to deal with that boss encounter is to translate it into fighting Barnes The Stage Manager instead. Barnes summons the Wizard of Oz minions. When you defeat them, Barnes takes 10 damage. Barnes then summons Big Bad Wolf, and every turn he summons other minions. When you defeat Big Bad Wolf, Barnes takes 10 damage. Then he summons Romulo and Julianne. You defeat them and Barnes takes 10 damage and he proclaims you victor.

I imagine some of the minion cards to play against could be any of these present in the Opera Hall: Skeletal Usher, Spectral Patron, Phantom Stagehand, Spectral Performer, Ghostly Philantropist, and Sebastian the Organist.




This one in particular could be interesting. It is a chess event, but it doesn’t follow the chess rules anyway. I don’t particularly see this encounter translated into a Hearthstone boss encounter, but I can see how King Llane and Blackhand could be Boss card rewards in this adventure.



Netherspite is a nether dragon found in The Celestial Watch. She casts Netherbreath which causes a knockback, Netherburn is an aura that does Shadow damage every 5 sec to nearby enemies. I don’t even know how to translate this boss encounter into a Hearthstone encounter. She opens Nether Portals: Perseverence, Dominance, and Serenity to increase stats.



Another optional boss that can be used as filler to replace Karazhan encounters difficult to translate as a Hearthstone boss encounter.

  • Nightbane (The Master’s Terrace)

Some minions found in the Broken Stair and the Master’s Terrace which might be minion cards: Ghastly Haunt, and Trapped Soul.


We will find out what the new Hearthstone adventure is on July 19 at 2am EST (US Pacific: July 18 at 11pm). Watch the livestream at twitch.tv/playhearthstone

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