BlizzCon 2017 Hearthstone: What’s Next Panel Transcript


Dave: So, we’ve got a lot of treasure sitting here, and we’ve got legendary weapons, spellstones of great power, we’ve got unidentified items, you put that much treasure in one place you’re bound to attract some unsavory types: Adventurers.


Adventurers, bane of every Kobold… Beware of those armored looting brutes. Beware recruits come seeking loots. Those tromping stomping louts! With swinging swords, and “For the Hordes!” They snuff our candles out. Adventurers…


We have the fantasy. I mean, this set is crawling with adventurers. We have the fantasy of not just that you’re putting adventurers, an adventure party in your own deck, but your opponent might be doing the same; and in fact, in the single-player dungeon run mode that we’re going to talk about soon, you might be looting the dungeon and you might run across an AI controlled adventurer doing the same thing that you’re doing in the dungeon, looking for loot, and you might have to fight. Adventurers… what’s the deal with these guys? Who brings a Guitar into a dungeon anyway, who does that?


Peter: Come on, Dave! Bards are awesome. What’s a party without a little bit of music? Adventurers are really cool, and they were very important to capturing that fantasy of doing the dungeon run, and so we introduced the guild.

We needed you to have a few friends. This is a group of guys that raid the dungeon every week, venturing deep into the Kobold catacombs; and you’ve already met one of their members. Let us take a look at Marin the Fox.


When Marin comes into play, he summons his 0/8 Treasure Chest for your opponent. We really like Marin the Fox, and he is the guild chief procurement officer. He goes out and finds awesome treasures. So where are the treasures that Marin finds? Let us take a look.

We’ve got Tolin’s Goblet: Draw card and fill your hand with copies of it. We’ve got Zarog’s Crown: Discover a Legendary minion and summon two copies of it. We have the Golden Kobold: It replaces your hand with Legendary minions; and we have the Wondrous Wand: you draw three cards and they’re all free.


Marin is pretty fantastic; and the coolest thing about him is that you can play him starting next week. He is free for all of our players as soon as you login, and even better… if you’re sitting here at BlizzCon, or you’re watching via the virtual ticket, you’ll also get a golden copy of Marin the Fox.

Ben: I’m excited about Marin. The only thing I hear here is if I get a Golden Marin I’ve got five goldens for the price of one, and that’s like a good deal for any looting adventurer.

Peter: It is pretty awesome. The guild is really cool, but Marin is not the only member. In fact, the guild is so cool they have a keyword: Recruit. Recruit means summon a random minion from your deck. Let’s take a look at one of those cards.


Gather your party. You’re sitting in a tavern, you’re a warrior, you got 6-Mana, and you get to recruit a minion. You summon a random minion from your deck, maybe something like… the Lich King, or Y’Shaarj.

Those are absolutely the guys you want in your adventurer party. Recruit is pretty cool, and it introduces deck building challenges: How many minions do you want to have in your deck? Do you want to just have giant ones?

Let’s take a look at one of the other versions of Recruit that has slightly different deck building challenges: the Guild Recruiter. The Guild Recruiter will go out, and she will recruit a small minion for you. Any minion that costs 4 or less, and these deck building challenges are different.


Do you want only 4-drop minions? Do you want to have any 1s, 2s, o 3s? Do you only want minions that have negative Battlecries? Things like Pitlord, or cards with Overload like flamewreath Faceless. If some of the minions from your deck is Battlecry, it won’t fire. So those things won’t hurt you. We are pretty interested in seeing how players explore with the Recruit mechanic, and build new decks.


BlizzCon 2017 Hearthstone: What's Next Panel Transcript
1. What is Kobolds and Catacombs?2. Legendary Weapons3. Spellstones4. Adventurers5. Monsters
6. Traps7. The Kobolds8. Dungeon Run

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