BlizzCon 2017 Hearthstone: What’s Next Panel Transcript


Dave: So, we have lots of treasure, and lots of adventurers looking for treasure; but they have their work cut out for them, because as the Kobolds are digging they’re finding lots of things, and when a Kobold finds a terrible terrible monster, a Kobold tunnels quickly in the opposite direction.


Tunnel over the monster lairs. Tunnel under trolls and bears. Tunnel ’round the oozing creep! By candle-light see. Sights so beastly. When you dig, dig, dig down deep.”


Man, this place crawls, what kind of kind of monsters are we going to find it here Ben.


Ben: Well, what would a dungeon be without its wandering denizens of the deep? Any adventuring party knows as soon as you head into any dungeon, you’re bound to run into something; and it turns out the Kobolds have got more than their fair share full to deal with; and now as a result so do you.


As an art team and a design team together, putting our own candles together as it were, figuring out what these would look like, we spent a lot of time to try to figure out not just what kind of creatures we’d run into, but how do we do these in a Hearthstone way? How do we bring up that charm and vibe? — and what we ended up with was a series of faces that only a brute mother could love, or fall in love with over time; and many of these would find their way into the set.

Many of these would become some amazing cards that you’ll have a chance to run into once the set is released. Some of them, however, have to get held over onto another card for another set, and another day. So… sorry, mini-tauren. Your day will come.

Dave: Yeah, the giant hulking Pepe bird did not make it into the set, but did find a place in my nightmares.

Ben: You should however be prepared for, of course, the random wandering slime, or oozes as they find their way down the tunnels. Possibly sentient fungi who found ways of their own to trouble the adventuring crew. As you head deeper still, there will be even more challenges awaiting you: such as possibly treasure chests better left unopened, maybe a Quillboar here and there; and of course, furbolgs — which bring their own sense of danger as they have learned to harness mystical arts, making life truly troublesome for your loot adventurers.


And then finally, as the halls have opened up and the halls get bigger, and the in-game gets even stronger, we run into some truly fearsome creatures that you won’t want to write home about.


Peter: Those are some pretty scary monsters, Ben. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you were just walking down a dungeon corridor minding your own business, going face, and then out of nowhere… BAM! Look out… wandering monster! That sounds pretty scary, but it makes for a pretty cool Hunter Secret. When an enemy attacks your hero, you’ll get to summon a random 3-Cost Minion to defend you. That’s pretty cool.


Ben showed off some of the slimes and the oozes in this set. Let’s take a look at one of those as a collectible card.

This is the Carnivorous Cube. Its Battlecry eats one of your minions, and then when it dies you’ll get two copies of it.


Dave: We don’t talk about what happens inside the carnivorous cube, something something terrible.

Peter: Carnivorous Cube is modeled after one of the cards we really like from One Night in Karazhan– the Moat Lurker. The Moat Lurker could come into play, eat a minion, and then when the Moat Lurker died, you would resummon it. It was really cool when you got to use Moat Lurker on one of your own Deathrattle minions. Something like Sylvanas, and be able to trigger Deathrattle multiple times.

So, we wanted to make a card that better played that up. That led us to the Carnivorous Cube. If you eat one of your Deathrattle minions, you will get a lot of Deathrattle triggers.


BlizzCon 2017 Hearthstone: What's Next Panel Transcript
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