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I was messing around on casual play in Hearthstone the other day and I came across the idea of having a fatigue Rogue. There have been new additions to the metagame with fatigue Mage and fatigue Druid, but I was wondering if fatigue Rogue is viable. Ever since the nerf on everyone’s favorite auctioneer, Rogue has decreased in popularity. Despite Rogue having a lot of cards for stalling, there’s always the challenge of Rogue in keeping the health total high because weapons cost life and Rogues don’t have life gain mechanisms like Warrior or Paladin. This is my first take on this fatigue Rogue deck that I came up with:

Fatigue Rogue decklist

I will go over a couple of the key cards in this deck. Most of it is typical Rogue early game removal to get to the mid and late games to continue the stalling process. Again, the greatest challenge is staying alive as Rogues often need to sacrifice life early on. Here we go:

Coldlight Oracle: The deck is heavily based on this card to draw cards for your opponent and yourself. Because it gives both you and your opponent two cards, this mechanic relies on the opponent drawing additional cards to bring fatigue faster. Additionally, if played well, two cards could clog hands and could cause one or more cards to get burned, which will help eliminate potential threats.

Trade Prince Gallywix: This is another card that the deck is based on. Basically, it shuts down spells and if your opponent does decide to use spells, they will have less useful coin cards stuffing their hands. This can be used to your advantage to force them to overdraw and burn cards. A 5/8 body helps in securing the board when it is alive. I’ve always wanted to make a deck revolving around this fun card and I’m not sure if this is the greatest fit but for now, it takes a slot in this fatigue deck.

Youthful Brewmaster: Basically, this card combos with the other battlecries in the deck, like Coldlight Oracle or Antique Healbot. However, the main drawback is that typically, the battlecry won’t be used twice in one turn until the late game so the impact really isn’t immediate and there won’t be an impact on the board either. A 3/2 body isn’t bad but could be much better, especially late, and could even be used to stop a deck from running you over early.

Antique Healbot: Unfortunately, it serves as the only healing option in the deck, which is certainly a problem without many taunts. Therefore, I am debating adding in Earthen Ring and/or Sludge Belcher to give more bodies that can populate the board at the same time as healing/stalling. Otherwise though, this card is great with its 8 HP heal and is ubiquitous now in stall decks.

Vanish: Vanish is a card that can really be extremely valuable if used properly. With the metagame rampant with Dr. Boom, there are many opportunities to cause overdraws and even massive board clears by returning cards when the opponent has a full ten cards. The only issue is that for these value plays, the board needs to get developed to that stage, which is a risk with the fragile nature of Rogue. The same goes for Betrayal, which is another underrated card featured in this deck. These cards can be extremely valuable against decks that flood the board but could be dangerous in the encouragement for letting opponents get too many hits on you. A fine balance needs to be maintained for these cards. One or two of these card slots could be replaced in future renditions of this deck for more reliable options with bigger immediate impact, like the aforementioned Earthen Ring Farseer or Sludge Belcher.

Patient Assassin: This card isn’t bad as it usually threatens to trade up with a bigger minion every time. However, with it’s 1 hp, the card is punished by AoE clears and could set you back quite a bit. I still think it’s worth playing in this deck, at least as a one of, but I could see it being replaced. In a way, it acts as a very cheap removal that takes a turn to develop, which in actuality could be a potential problem.

I will repeat that the deck was only played in Casual play, and I was able to get a couple wins mostly off of the surprise factor. However, with a bit more tinkering on some of the cards mentioned above, perhaps there’s a worthwhile deck in there that may not take the world by storm but occasionally steal a win here or there in a tournament.

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