Flamewaker Mage Guide

For this article, I would like to go over a deck that I have been playing recently on Hearthstone with moderate success from ranks 15-5. It is the Flamewaker Mage deck, based off of the relatively new card, Flamewaker. It is loosely based on the tempo mage and plays accordingly for its playstyle. The following shows the decklist:

Flamewaker Mage Guide HearthstoneThe strategy of the game is to maintain or grab tempo from your opponent with cheap minions and spells. The start is extremely important and the following is the mulligan guide:

Keep: Mana Wyrm, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Unstable Portal, Kirin Tor Mage only if you have another secret in your opening hand, and Mad Scientist.

The truth is that the deck is actually centered around these key early game cards, rather than Flamewaker itself. Getting a strong opening is half the battle. Mana Wyrms usually trade up and having cheap spells with Sorcerer’s Apprentice allows board control over the first couple turns. More often than not, you draw into a great curve to then go into the late game threats. The big tempo plays also come from Mad Scientist and Kirin Tor Mage to get you your secrets from your deck. For now, I have found the random SpellBender to single-handedly win games by being very unexpected for the opponent. In addition, Unstable Portal is a whole lot of fun and is another card that can simply just win the game for you, sometimes subtly but sometimes not so subtly by giving you a cheap, dominating legendary card to play on curve.

The weakness of the deck is definitely the late game, but by that point, the opponent should have a low life total. Try to finish off the opponent with your burn cards if you still have them. Making trades in the late game is not optimal because you have a clock before you can win. Often times though, summoning the big threats, like Dr. Boom should literally be Dr. GG. Another weakness is sustaining cards. There isn’t much card draw in the deck so big board clears need to be avoided, specifically against Priests or Rogues. I have found those two classes the toughest to face but for now, the metagame has shifted away from those two classes and allows this deck to shine against most other decks. The other deck it really struggles against is Handlock, but sometimes the Handlock can struggle with a bad start and then can be burned away with spells. I hope you have as much fun as I did when I played this deck!




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