Hearthstone – A Non-Sense Shaman Deck With Crazy Card Strategies

Hearthstone is such an addicting and enjoyable game even when you lose. You can encounter the craziest card combos and mathematical puzzles.

Last night I had an awesome match with my Shaman deck against another Shaman. The opponent had an amazing deck. He would destroy every minion I set on the board, and I bet he overloaded a few too many times. He was definitely crushing me to the point of driving me to concede. Yet I kept going forward. At one point he had many minions, and anything I put on the table was annihilated.

I dropped a Lightning Storm, but only destroyed two minions. He still had three. I had no minions. He dropped a Sunwalker and that gave me the edge to start unleashing some cards by using Faceless Manipulator.

I dropped Ragnaros to eliminate a card, and to lure any possible Hex cards. Then dropped Stalagg and Feugen. He wasn’t able to counter them or damage them. He actually passed two turns. Then I dropped Kel’Thuzad (and added Ancestral Spirit on him), and destroyed my Feugen against one of his card. When I passed my turn, Kel’Thuzad brought it back to life.

By now the opponent Shaman had run out of cards, and dropped Deathwing annihilating everything on the board. I have no idea if he knew what would happen next, or if he simply dropped Deathwing because it was his last card on hand, but things went really bad for him at that point.

Deathwing destroyed Kel’Thuzad, two copies of Feugen, and a few cards. With Kel’Thuzad having the Ancestral Spirit, it came back to life and two Kel’Thuzad appeared on the board along with two Thaddius 11/11 and one Feugen. Crazy! (As seen in the image below)


It is a crappy deck, but it provides a few viable strategies.

This is my main Shaman Deck in Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas:


The deck doesn’t make much sense at first glance, but for lack of some cards (coughs no arcane dust or luck in Arena), I have a strategy.

The real important cards here are Stalagg/Feugen, the Nerubian Egg, the Faceless Manipulator and Kel’Thuzad.

Every other card is there as cannon fodder — as support (adds +1 or +2) or as a counter (i.e. silence, destroy a 7+ card) or as decoy (aka Meat Shield).

Some of the cards are aimed specifically to help with the Nerubian Egg (Defender of Argus, Shattered Sun Cleric, Rockbiter Weapon, Reincarnate). That’s 4 possible ways to break the egg to summon the Nerubian.

If things doesn’t fall into place to add +1 or +2 attack to the Nerubian Egg, I could use Reincarnate to get a copy and a Nerubian 4/4. I could also use Ancestral Spirit on the Nerubian Egg then Reincarnate to get more Nerubian Eggs. That prevents the enemy player from considering an AOE card.

On the other hand, if things go well in the randomization of the cards that come into my hand, I could go with Ancestral Spirit on either Feugen or Stalaag, then apply reincarnate. If any of these die I get two Thaddius 11/11. Or at least secure one surviving a sheep/hex/etc.

Of course, if the enemy player doesn’t deal with that with any sheep/hex/destroy card counter, if I’m lucky I can drop Kel’thuzad and things get hairy for the opponent.

I have also used Reincarnate against the opponent’s Zombie Chow to get 5 Health back, and when I destroy it later I get 5 Health more (10 Health total). I have used Reincarnation also against Dancing Swords to get an additional card from my deck into my hand if I am running low in cards and options.

If I get below 8 health, I pop Alexstrasza. Ragnaros also helps with eliminating a few cards, or serves the purpose of decoy forcing out any remaining sheep/hex/destroy cards so that I can bring Kel’Thuzad. From there forward it is either I win or the opponent GG/concedes when he sees Kel’Thuzad.

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