Hearthstone – Crafting and Disenchanting

Disenchanting and Crafting in Hearthstone got a few UI changes in the latest beta patch build 3890. I can see people who buy many cards with real-money and those who play Arena-mode might benefit more than those who buy single packs with gold in terms of the amount and speed rate in which you obtain Arcane Dust to spend in crafting new cards.

You will see now a few screenshots of the Disenchanting and Crafting UI to give you an idea how it works. It’s very straightforward and intuitive. (More after the break)


Before this patch, when you accessed the “My Collection” page, you would notice a dust jar on the top-right corner of the book, alerting that you had extra cards you can’t use. These are cards that are repeated when you either buy new cards or earn them through the Arena. Once you have more than the limit of cards (usually 2), these will be added to the Disenchant UI automatically. You would click the jar and it would show you the Disenchant UI.

However, the new patch slightly changed how to access the Disenchant UI. You click the jar as shown in this image:


Then the Crafting Mode page shows up. You will notice at the bottom-right corner there is a new graphics showing the Dust Jar with the message: “Disenchant extra cards”.


When you click that button, the same old Disenchant window pops up. This window doesn’t seem to have any changes other than the way you access it. You can see how many common, rare, epic and legendary cards are available to be disenchanted.


Here is a little secret. When you disenchant for the first time, an achievement is earned: “Crafting Time”. The reward for this achievement is 95 Arcane Dust.



When you click the “Crafting Mode” button at the top-right of your “My Collection” page, you will see a new UI on the right-side. By default, you will see all the cards you still do not have and also the ones you already own (if you haven’t reached the limit of cards for that specific card). The cards you don’t have are grayed out, but you can still read the tooltip and the image — see the screenshot below.


To see all the cards that you reached the limit of, simply click and enable the “Include Soulbound Cards” checbox located below the “Filter” feature. Some cards have a limit of “x 2”.


To demonstrate crafting, I browsed the Shaman page and chose the Lightning Storm card. This specific card can be disenchanted into 20 Arcane Dust (if I already owned it), and can be crafted with 100 Arcane Dust. As seen in the screenshot below, whenever you right-click a card you can also read some flavor text description, the card rarity (common, rare, epic, or legendary) and the name of the Blizzard artist who drew the artwork.


Something interesting happens when you craft a card, however. In this screenshot, the Lightning Storm card I crafted immediately has the option to disenchant it to recover back the 100 Arcane Dust used to craft it. However, don’t move away from the interface before doing so because later it will disenchant into 20 Arcane Dust instead.


Crafting Golden Cards

Crafting Golden Cards is simple. Just need the amount of Arcane Dust required. Each card has a different amount value. To find out where to create Golden Cards, and what their cost are, go to the Crafting Mode page. Enable the “Show only Gold cards” checkbox. You will see sort of grayed out silhouettes of all the possible Golden Cards you can create.


I recommend to browse through all the book. There are some fun cards in Hearthstone. Some are expensive though. For example, a favorite one I have seen often is the Ragnaros card.


The Ragnaros Card requires 3200 Arcane Dust, but it is an end-game shifter. It can’t attack melee-wise, but at the end of your turn, Ragnaros, the Firelord will deal 8 damage with a fireball to a random enemy. This can be any of the enemy cards or even the hero. Now if there are no enemy cards on the board it will attack the enemy hero.

This card has definitely put me in trouble every time I see it, especially if all Hex, Sheep, Kill Command or similar cards have already been used before we get into the 8th mana round.


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