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Escape the Temple

temple-escape-avatarThe last encounter of the Temple of Orsis has no boss per se, and has no deck. It is an interesting encounter mechanic with traps and on-the-edge hairy decisions to make.

The escape is successful if you survive 10 turns. The hero power is named Escape!: Encounter new Obstacles.

For this encounter, I prefer to use a Shaman deck. Get rid of weapons, and get taunt minions instead. Delay the enemy as much as you can.

Turn 10: Enemy summons a Zombie Chow

A Zombie Chow spawns on the board. Ignore it for now. Don’t kill it.

Turn 9: A Glowing Pool

Unless you have a Tuskarr Totemic, choose: Draw a card.



    Earth Shock x 2
   Rockbiter Weapon x 2
    Doomsayer x 1
    Crackle x 2
    Annoy-o-Tron x 2
    Flametongue Totem x 1
    Mechwarper x 2
    Totem Golem x 2
    Lava Burst x 1
    Tuskarr Totemic x 2
    Piloted Shredder x 2
    Hex x 2
    Fire Elemental x 2
    Master Jouster x 2
    Ragnaros the Firelord
    Dr. Boom
    Sludge Belcher x 2
    Armored Warhorse x 1

Turn 8: A Pit of Spikes

Always choose to take 5 damage. Kill the Zombie Chow to get 5 health back.



Turn 7: Rolling Boulder

Up until now it’s best to have just a couple of minions on the board and some totems. Once the Rolling Boulder drops, it will start killing any minions you had to the left of the Rolling Boulder.



Turn 6: The Statue’s Eye

In this turn, I usually choose to Draw two cards. An Animated Statue 10 damage/10 health spawns. Either drop a tank or take the damage. Next turn all the board is cleared when the ceiling crashes down. So don’t go crazy dropping minions on the board or they will be gone.



Turn 5: Anubisath Temple Guard

An Anubisath Temple Guard spawns with 5 Damage/10 Health. You can use Crackle and/or Rockbiter Weapon on a minion to kill it.



Turn 4: Obsidian Destroyer

An Obsidian Destroyer spawns with 7 Attack/7 Health. At the end of its turn, it summons a 1/1 Scarab (with taunt). If you have a silence use it on him, or destroy it.



Turn 3: Take the Shortcut!

Never ever take the Shortcut. Two Giant Insect spawn with 10/10 if you take the shortcut. Not a smart move in Turn 3.



Turn 2: Seething Statue

Now things are getting hairy. A Seething Statue is spawned with 0 damage/8 Health. At the end of its turn, deals 2 damage to all enemies. At this point, hopefully you have Dr. Doom out or Lava Shock. Get rid of him ASAP. It might be a good idea to drop a Doomsayer right at this time, so that next turn you get rid of both Giant Insect.



Turn 1: Giant Insect

Two Giant Insect spawn with 10 damage/3 Health. Drop a Sludge Belcher, Annoy-o-Tron, or if you have minions around kill them both. You are only one turn away from winning, so if killing them is not an option, at least delay their combined 20-damage-to-the-face with a taunt. Or a Doomsayer when the Seething Statue spawned in Turn 2 could get rid of them as soon as it is your turn.


Turn 0: Escape.

You win the encounter, and the Temple of Orsis wing is finished. These are the rewards.




Gameplay Video


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   Temple of Orsis Uldaman The Ruined City Hall of Explorers
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    Temple EscapeNov 19Nov 26Dec 3


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