Hearthstone Patch – Patch Notes

This Hearthstone patch prepares the Tavern for the arrival of Whispers of the Gods! This patch also paves the way for a new way to play Hearthstone and introduces adjustments to key Basic and Classic cards. Along with bug fixes, we’ve also added new card backs and Tavern Brawls.



Patch Notes

  • Do you hear them? Whispers of the Old Gods expansion will arrive on April 26! You can purchase Whispers of the Old Gods card packs from the in-game shop and play them beginning April 26.

  • As of April 26, the Year of the Kraken will begin, bringing with it Standard and Wild formats. Check out the A New Way to Play blog at www.PlayHearthstone.com for more info.

  • Friendly Challenge menu has been updated. Starting April 26, you can challenge friends to Standard, Wild, or Tavern Brawl games.

  • Collection Manager’s Set Filter has been updated.

  • Some Deck Recipes have been updated for Whispers of the Old Gods. See what we’ve cooked up!

  • The following card backs have been added:

    • Shadowmoon Valley: Obtained by reaching Rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during the month of May.

    • Zul’Drak: Obtained by reaching Rank Play mode during the month of June.

    • Halfhill: Obtained by reaching Rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during the month of July.

  • The guaranteed pack from Arena Runs will now always be from the most recently released expansion. Additionally, you are slightly more likely to receive a second card pack from a different Standard set.

  • The “Sorry” emote has been replaced with a new “Wow” emote. Wow!

  • The following cards have changed. For full details regarding these changes, please read the Keeping Hearthstone Fresh blog at www.playhearthstone.com:

    • Ancient of Lore — now draws 1 card instead of 2.

    • Force of Nature — Mana cost decreased from 6 to 5. Treants no longer have Charge and no longer die at the end of the turn.

    • Keeper of the Grove — Health reduced from 4 to 2.

    • Ironbeak Owl — Mana cost increased from 2 to 3.

    • Big Game Hunter — Mana cost increased from 3 to 5.

    • Hunter’s Mark — Mana cost increased from 0 to 1.

    • Blade Flurry — Mana cost increased from 2 to 4 and only affects Minions.

    • Knife Juggler — Attack reduced from 3 to 2.

    • Leper Gnome — Attack reduced from 2 to 1.

    • Arcane Golem — Health increased from 2 to 4, no longer has Charge.

    • Molten Giant — Mana cost increased from 20 to 25.

    • Master of Disguise — Stealth granted by this card now only lasts until the start of the next turn.

  • Resolved various issues with AI behavior and gameplay such as:

    • Stampeding Kodo’s ability will no longer target the same minion twice if triggered by Brann Bronzebeard.

    • Gladiator’s Longbow will prevent damage caused by Explosive Trap.

  • Quests to obtain Old Murk-Eye and Captain’s Parrot have been disabled, as those cards are only available in Wild mode. These cards can be crafted with the release of Whispers of the Old Gods.

  • Added improved visual effects to certain Classic cards.

  • The reconnect feature has been improved.

  • Fixed various audio, graphical, and UI issues.

More information can be found in our blog at www.PlayHearthstone.com

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