How to beat Grimstone Heroic | Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain

Have you been stuck at Grimstone in Heroic Mode? Beating your head on a wall or on the keyboard? Going /ragequit every now and then? Join the boat along with millions of other Hearthstone players.

Grimstone (Heroic) is so overpowered I am wondering how in the world the developers designed such a massive bottleneck which stops you from completing the first wing in Heroic mode. I tried with Warrior, Hunter, Mage, Priest, and Rogue decks to no avail. Probably attempted this adventure over 25 times. I started playing around 2pm yesterday. I did get out for about an hour to take care of some domestic errands, but came back to play Grimstone once and again, and again, and again. Around 3am, @dperschonok whispered me in-game, frustrated as me asking if I had beaten him yet.

Within seconds he whispered with such joy that he had just beaten him. I was like … whoa? He sent me a link to a YouTube video by Force Strategy Gaming (FSG). He beat Grimstone Heroic with a Freeze Mage deck (image below).

How to beat Grimstone Heroic | Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain

Sadly, I either didn’t have some of the cards or only had one card in my collection instead of the (x2) required to match his deck. I started adding cards of my choice for lack of those he had. This is the deck I could muster with my shy collection.


After a few attempts, I started to drop mirror image, and stalled Grimstone as much as I could.

As soon as Grimstone summoned Hogger, I knew I had to take him out swiftly. Can’t let him spawn endless tankie gnolls. So I cast sheep on Hogger. Frost Nova(x2), Flamestrike(x2) and Dragon’s Breath(x2) were very helpful to either stall or clear the board of those pesky threatening cards Grimstone summons.

I’m uncertain if there is a bug with the Grimstone AI which caused me to eventually win. At some point, after Grimstone copied my Sheep spell with Lorewalker Cho, he cast Sheep on his own Feugen right before I planned to cast Flamestrike. Feugen should have survived the Flamestrike if he hadn’t been sheeped by Grimstone.

Another great combo late game is casting Blizzard, then dropping Doomsayer. That will clear the board without much of a counter coming from Grimstone. He won’t summon minions when Doomsayer is on the board it seems. As soon as I got Antonidas out, the Fireballs started to come into my hand like candy. Dropped Alexstrasza to decrease Grimstone down to 15 health, and shortly after used Echo of Medivh to get a copy of Antonidas and Alexstrasza. Shot a Pyroblast, and used the fireballs to get rid of minions or to shoot Grimstone’s face if the board was clear.

Of course, every time you play the way to beat him will be randomly situational. The key is to not kill his Lorewalker Cho, and if Grimstone doesn’t summon Millhouse until after you get to drop Antonidas, then you will have infinite Fireballs at your disposal as seen in the Force Strategy Gaming video (linked above). Without Ice Block (x2) to further stall Grimstone from killing me, I had to rely on other means to stall him, and with a bit of luck won the game.

I still can’t believe I was able to defeat him. Here’s a video to share my experience.

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