How to Defeat Thaurissan Heroic | Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain

If Grimstone (Heroic) was a pain in the [insert favorite body part], then Thaurissan (Heroic) is almost there. Thaurissan doesn’t use his Hero power unless Moira is death. The scary catch? Moira only has 1 health in Heroic mode.

A good way to go around this is having cards in your deck that can either buff her health or swap her health and attack from (3)-attack / (1) (Health) to 1/3. That way small AOE won’t kill her, and her damage to your character’s face will be minimal and slower enough for you to survive.

How to Defeat Thaurissan Heroic | Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain

Thaurissan’s health starts at 30 plus 15 shield (45 total). His Hero Power is named Power of the Firelord: Deal 30 damage. Basically, he can one shot you, but don’t despair. All you have to do is keep Moira alive, and dispel. However, there are situations in which you pretty much lose if you don’t have specific cards on your hand when he either summons Abomination or Unstable Ghoul. Once these are summoned by Thaurissan, it is game over. Unless any of this factors are met:

  • You have a minion or spell able to kill the Abomination + you have a spell to buff, heal or swap Moira’s health enough for her to survive its Deathrattle.
  • A Silence, Hex, Sap, Recycle, Freezing Trap, or Polymorph can take care of the explosive Deathrattle so you can move forward with the game.


Priest Deck # 1

Power Word: Shield on Moira can let you increase her health by 2, so that she can survive the Abomination’s explosive Deathrattle or use a Crazed Alchemist. I would rather not use Velen’s Chosen on her (adds 2/4).

Another important factor to survive the carnage is to add one or two copies of Lightwell to your deck. In my case, I kept buffing +health on Lightwell — doubling its health with Divine Spirit and made his attack equal to its health with Inner Fire. The Lightwell kept either my priest character or itself healed at the beginning of each turn.

It is somewhat important not to overcrowd your board. Thaurissan has two Flamestrike. Since your Lightwell is doing a pretty good job, try to have no more than 3 cards on the board so that you prevent losing too many minions to Flamestrike.

Note: My deck below has Mass Dispel. Bad mistake there. Silencing Moira along with all enemy minions means Thaurissan casts his 30-damage Hero power next round. Try to get a different silence card like Ironbeak Owl or Spellbreaker.

This is an image showing Amaz’s priest deck and my deck — which we both used to defeat Thaurissan (Heroic):

Hyper-Important: Try to increase Moira’s health asap. Once Thaurissan plays the Death’s Bite card, you should be on your toes. As soon as he swings Death’s Bite a second time, it will trigger the Deathrattle: “Deal 1 damage to all minions.” This will kill Moira, of course, and Thaurissan will cast his 30-damage Hero Power.

I was able to defeat Thaurissan (Heroic) with a bastardized version of a Priest deck concocted on the fly by Amaz during his livestream, where he attempted to defeat Thaurissan (Heroic). Bastardized in that I was missing a few of the cards in his deck, and thus, I replaced them with something else instead.

As you can see above, I was missing a few of the cards on his deck, but even so, I was able to defeat Thaurissan (Heroic). Hopefully, you are able to go around those missing cards with similar facsimiles. This is the Amaz video I watched as inspiration to defeat Thaurissan:


My personal gameplay experience with a slim version of Amaz’s deck can be watched below. Please, subscribe to our Youtube Channel.



Priest Deck # 2

Some of the videos out there demonstrating how to beat Thaurissan require specific Legendary cards (like Leeroy Jenkins) that I do not own in my collection. I assume there are many of those 25 millions of Hearthstone players who do not have that many Legendary cards, who wish to beat Thaurissan (Heroic) before the next wing opens on Tuesday.

I began to change my deck and tried different cards to address specific minions in Thaurissan’s deck. I didn’t have much luck for hours. I tried to use cards that are somewhat common nowadays after Goblins vs Gnomes and Naxxramas came out. Deck # 1 above, didn’t convince me much after I tried to beat Thaurissan a second time. I continued to observe Thaurissan and to analyze what I was missing in my deck. So I added a few cards that could help boost my chances to win.

Here is a different Priest deck, based a bit on Amaz’s deck, and I was able to beat Thaurissan (Heroic) a second time with it.



Some explanation is inbound. Resurrect is obtained earlier when you defeated Thaurissan (Normal Mode). I made some tinkering, and theorycrafting in my mind; and decided to add Resurrect to the Priest deck. Considering Amaz’s deck, it is awesome to have a Loot Hoarder or Dark Cultist come back to life. You get more cards, or you get other minions buffed up with extra health.

That immediately made me think … what if I add Baron Rivendare? He triggers Deathrattle twice. So I get either two cards, or double the health increase to a random minion.

Something that bothered me from my first deck was the lack of AOE if Thaurissan managed to overwhelm me with multiple minions. So I added two Holy Nova. I just had to be mindful of Moira, either healing her or buffing or swapping her health. It worked out with this deck more or less. Check out my video using this second Priest deck.


Thaurissan (Heroic) Boss Deck

thaurissan-hearthstone-blackrock-mountainIn Heroic mode, Thaurissan has extra cards that are not normally seen in Blackrock Depths Normal Mode. These are the Fire Elemental, Unstable Ghoul (2), Abomination, Flameheart, Flamestrike, and an additional weapon… Death’s Bite.

Below is a more elaborate collection of cards found in Thaurissan’s Heroic boss deck.

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