League of Explorers – Heroic Temple of Orsis Guide

League of Explorers - Heroic Temple of Orsis Guide
    Arcanite Reaper x 1
    Defender of Argus x 1
    Druid of the Flame x 2
    Fiery War Axe x 2
    Fireball x 1
    Fireguard Destroyer x 1
    Flame Juggler x 2
    Flamestrike x 2
    Holy Fire x 2
    Lightspawn x 1
    Looming Presence x 2
    Mounted Raptor x 2
    Power Word: Shield x 2
    Sunreaver Protector x 1
    Sunwalker x 1
    Tol'vir Hoplite x 2
    Wild Pyromancer x 1

I’ll update this guide as I progress through the Heroic Temple of Orsis. So far, I have taken down Heroic Sun Raider Phaerix with a Priest deck.

Heroic Sun Raider Phaerix is pretty much brutal. He starts with Rod of the Sun 3/8 (instead of 0/5 in normal mode), and he has 30 Health + 15 Armor. Once you destroy the Rod of the Sun, and it is transfered to your side of the board, you won’t get immune (as you do in normal mode). So it is imperative for you to silence the Rod of the Sun as soon as possible whether it is on his side or in yours.

The deck seen to the right is Phaerix’s deck. I am missing 4 cards in his deck, but so far, these are the ones I have seen in my videos.

Phaerix is very likely to play Tol’vir Hoplite or Looming Presence within the first 3-4 turns; and likes to place Sunreaver Protector on the Rod of the Sun. One thing important to mention is that the Rod of the Sun is still 0/5. It simply has a aura buff of 3/3 while it is on Phaerix’s side of the board. If you silence it, it will transform back to 0/5 and of course lose the deathrattle.

He has two Arcanite Reapers and two Fiery War Axe. So make sure to have two Acidic Swarm Ooze in your deck to counter at least the Arcanite Reaper which deal 5 damage.

Check out both gameplay videos below.


Decks You Can Use

    Amaz Warlock Deck
    Corruption x 2
    Power Overwhelming x 2
    Abusive Sergeant x 2
    Voidwalker x 2
    Acidic Swamp Ooze x 2
    Haunted Creeper x 2
    Ironbeak Owl x 2
    Knife Juggler x 2
    Millhouse Manastorm
    Nerubian Egg x 2
    Imp Gang Boss x 2
    Imp-losion x 2
    Defender of Argus x 2
    Voidcaller x 2
    Doomguard x 2
    My Deck
    Circle of Healing x 1
    Silence x 2
    Flash Heal x 1
    Light of the Naaru x 1
    Power Word: Glory x 2
    Power Word: Shield x 2
    Lightwarden x 2
    Northshire Cleric x 2
    Resurrect x 2
    Shadow Word: Pain x 1
    Lightwell x 1
    Shrinkmeister x 1
    Velen's Chosen x 2
    Injured Blademaster x 1
    Holy Champion x 2
    Lightspawn x 2
    Holy Nova x 2
    Bomb Lobber x 1
    Ragnaros the Firelord


My Priest Deck Video


Amaz Warlock Deck Video


   Temple of Orsis Uldaman The Ruined City Hall of Explorers
    ZinaarNov 19Nov 26Dec 3
    Sun Raider PhaeraxNov 19Nov 26Dec 3
   Temple EscapeNov 19Nov 26Dec 3
   Temple of Orsis Uldaman The Ruined City Hall of Explorers
    ZinaarNov 19Nov 26Dec 3
    Sun Raider PhaerixNov 19Nov 26Dec 3
    Temple EscapeNov 19Nov 26Dec 3


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