Hearthstone Metagame Counters: February Edition

It’s well into the month of February and I wanted to report on the various decks in the metagame. As opposed to the druid heavy metagame a month ago, there are a wide variety of decks being played, ranging from mech mage to control warrior, from oil rogue to midrange demonlocks. It seems like more than any other time in hearthstone, the metagame is evolving daily, even hourly, and adapting because of the great balance between a lot of these decks. All in all it makes for a fun time in constructed as every match ensures variety and not just abuse of a single overpowered deck. With these thoughts in mind, the metagame counters focus more on cards that have widespread use against types of decks, rather than cards specific to counter the one best deck out there.

Hearthstone Metagame Counters

Zombie Chow: This one mana 2/3 card can often stop aggro decks before they even get revved up if you play it right on turn one. This card is almost a staple as a one-of in control decks to stop the incoming rush of small minions that midrange hunters and mech mages often start the game with. Because of it’s big body on a one mana card and it’s unnoticeable drawback for control decks, the card potentially can trade two for one to give enough time for control games to seize the game.

Harrison Jones: Harrison is so good against any deck with weapons as it not only destroys the weapon, but you also draw as many cards as charges that weapon has left. Decks that I mentioned above, including warrior, hunter, paladin and rogues, all run weapons that trade favorably. Even some mech mages run Blingtron 3000! This card really helps against all these matchups so be sure to make space for it you know the deck you’re running has issues against these weapon heavy decks.

Antique Healbot: This little guy costs five for a 3/3 but heals eight damage for your hero. This heal can often be the difference between a win or a loss. Many decks lack the immense burst potential that miracle rogues had in the past, and even if they did, planned lethal damage will often be thwarted by this healing bot. The extra turn or two can swing the tide of the match in your favor to give a comeback victory when the opponent just went all in. Two may be excessive but running one copy could be a great help against many of the matchups out there focusing on the early to mid game.

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