Metagame counters: January edition

I wanted to start a series every month of a couple cards to counter the metagame from ranks 10 up to legend. After a series of reddit hearthstone posts about a ramp druid hitting number one rank in legend for the NA and EU servers, as well as a remarkable article written to report on the metagame that exists right now, the ramp druid deck has seen a huge rise in popularity. With this deck archetype, there were a couple new cards featured to counter the prevalence of Dr. Boom and other cards. Mind control tech has not been seen often in the metagame but has now been seeing a lot of play as it has huge immediate swing potential. The same goes for BGH, which now is in every deck because of the widespread use of Dr. Boom. Therefore, many of these counters can also be countered. Here are some of the cards that I think currently best counter many of the cards in the most played decks. Keep in mind that these are my thoughts so I could also be horribly wrong.

The Black Knight: The ramp druid deck relies on many mid-game to late game minions that often have taunt, such as Druid of the Claw or Ancient of War. The Black Knight can cause a huge swing on the board with it’s powerful battlecry. The other popular decks on the ladder right now include control hunter and control warrior, both decks that run sludge belcher. Until Sludge Belcher goes away in the meta, which I don’t think it will soon, the Black Knight will hold decent value and even more value against druids and handlocks.

Kelthuzad or Sneed’s old shredder: Both these cards serve the same purpose right now as they are both big, high cost legendaries that immensely affect the board state. However, they also both do not have more than 7 attack, a key stat now with the widespread use of BGH. This makes dealing with these legendaries tough, especially with Sneed’s deathrattle effect or timing KT to recover a lot of minions on the board. Played at the right time, both these cards could outright win the game for you so keep a look out to see if your deck can fit one of these big boys in. Another advantage that these cards have over Dr. Boom is because of Mind control tech. The perfect answer to Boom these days is to MCT and steal the 7/7. Play around this at all costs!

Zombie Chow: Hunters are still prevalent and this card does a lot of work early in the game against the annoying deathrattle minions hunters often bring. The other decks popular in the meta also lack early game cards so grabbing board control works well.

I apologize to those who can’t afford the legendaries on the list but stay tuned for next month when I’ll hopefully have some cheaper options.

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