NVIDIA Shield Tablet (Android) – Playing Hearthstone

Yesterday, the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet arrived and I couldn’t but awe at the experience of navigating through all the apps, and trying something new. It is my first tablet, and hopefully the last one for a long time. I have probably spent 10 hours so far playing around and learning my way through. The more you use a technology, the better you get at it. Your brain starts wrapping around the operating system as you go.

That didn’t do me much good eventually when I figured out how to flash the tablet to the latest Android OS version. Every update I installed showed new UI improvements, and that immersed me in another learning-curve journey which definitely changed the small complaints stacking in the back of my mind as I went through some frustrating things with the older Android version. One of those was that I couldn’t figure out how to shutdown any app (you know, to free up RAM and to increase battery life).

The earliest version the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet had installed had no user-friendly way to figure out how to shutdown an app. So every single app I opened remained in the background. After installing the Android 5.0.1 update, I’m in love. Pressing the square button slides up a stack of all active apps; and you can click the “X” to shutdown an app. Saves battery life, and RAM for better speed and performance. Read more after the break.

Press the Square icon: Stacked Active Apps

Press the Square icon: Stacked Active Apps


NVIDIA Shield Tablet (Android) – Playing Hearthstone

Playing Hearthstone in this tablet is awesome. The graphic quality in a full HD display 1920×1200. Looks bright and crisp as if watching at my own PC screen. Of course, for better results you must go to Settings -> Brightness Level and the Adaptive brightness too; however that will drain battery life, so it’s best for use with the power cord plugged in.

Display Settings Page

Display Settings Page

Sliding your finger from top to bottom allows you to access the settings, the SHIELD controller, WiFi, Bluetooth, and the Share button.

The share button allows you to toggle on/off the microphone, and the camera. You can take a screenshot of your screen from here, as well as record video manually, and even stream video into your Twitch account. This is a video showing how to Record video, photos and how to Share / Broadcast video capture via Twitch. (Play it in 1080HD for better view)

After installing Android 5.0.1

This is my browsing experience through the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet‘s Android 5.0.1 navigation UI, the SHIELD Hub with many game genres, and a Hearthstone match. (Play it in 1080HD for better view)

Sharing Videos to Twitch and YouTube

Sharing videos and uploading is very easy. Simply press your fingers from top to bottom to slide down the menu. There you can find the “Share” icon.

If you wish to record gameplay and to display a video of yourself simply click the camera icon and the microphone icon (if either is disabled). If you see no video input from the tablet’s front camera in the lower corner of the screen, then click the settings icon above the Screenshot icon.


There select Adjust Layout to move the camera viewer anywhere you wish in the screen. Then press the Manual Recording button to start video capture of your screen. Return to the game you wish to capture video of.

Once you are done playing, summon the Settings Shade, click Share again. If you were streaming to Twitch, then click the Twitch button again and you will see the STOP option. If you were not streaming, you can click the Manual Recording button, and choose either stop or share from the options tab.

“Stop” will record the video in your Photos folder automatically. Share will allow you to choose from various apps like Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, (if you have any of those apps installed).

The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet (WIFI) costs $299 and the NVIDIA SHIELD 32GB 4G LTE Tablet costs $399 (however, if you follow the link, the price is the same as the WiFi version — $299 — for New or Exisiting AT&T Mobile Share Plan Customers with a 2-Year contract).


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