The Little Things

Hearthstone is fun but it has its share of problems. Remember when Defender of Argus wouldn’t buff appropriately and slid around your board like it was on ice? Someone could probably write a dissertation on the order of deathrattles when a board is wiped (sometimes Sylvannas steals the ooze, sometimes she doesn’t). The mechanical confusion is the obvious place to point out problems. Everyone has a game or twenty where things happen in an order that wasn’t expected and your plan is derailed. What irks me now, because mechanical effects are left to my competitive betters, are the little things that are obviously overlooked by the development team. Odd, out of place, mislabeled text or cards or whatnot that have no real effect on the game but bother me the way a buzzing fly does.

Here are my favorites, or least favorites. I’m not sure.

  • Why isn’t Razorfen Hunter’s boar named Tuskerr?
  • Stampeding Kodo is, in fact, a clefthoof.
  • Goblins versus Gnomes isn’t in alphabetical order.
  • Mortal Strike doesn’t affect healing.
  • When Druid of the Claw is silenced in taunt form, it stays a 4/6. Ancient of War becomes a 5/5.
  • Jaina’s mirror images don’t look like her portrait.
  • Playing Shadowform twice in a turn resets your hero power.
  • Why doesn’t summoning portal require 2 minions on the board already?
  • Does Guardian of Kings have antlers?
  • The Voidwalker doesn’t sound anything like its WoW counterpart
  • Why is Magma Rager still around?

What are the little glitches and oddities in hearthstone that you’ve noticed? List them in comments or tweet me @TheTexpat.

And Boom Goes the Goblin

I am not a good Hearthstone player. I may be average. I imagine I’m close to mediocre, disappointing, unimpressive. I don’t know what separates me from the best, or even the consistent, but I think it’s telepathy. Possibly ESP. There’s some degree of anticipation and control they possess that I do not.

And that’s why I am eagerly awaiting Goblins vs. Gnomes. Look at all that chaos the Goblins introduce. Imagine “Mad Bomber” spread over 40 cards. Summon a random minion for three less? During my Blizzcon games I summoned, or had summoned against me: Thrallmar Farseer (free!), Tirion Fordring (for a mage), Earth Elemental (basically no overload), Knife Juggler, Argent Commander, Boulderfist Ogre, and Savannah Highmane. Unstable Portal is wonderful.

So are all the piloted cards. All of them. I’ve seen Armorsmith, Flametongue Totem, Kor’kron Elite and a Pit Lord. The Spare Parts are going to be fun, especially if you run a mill deck. “Here, have some crap.” and burn that Jaraxxus you need so badly. I like the cards that counter high hand sizes directly, like the Clockwork Giant (12 cost, 1 less for each card in the opponent’s hand) and the Goblin Sapper (gains +4 attack as long as the opponent has 6+ cards in hand). The Recombobulator sounds dangerous and wild – transform a friendly minion into a random one with the same cost. Use the battlecry, transform it into a deathrattle. Bouncing Blade is brawl’s bloodier cousin. It might encourage enrage decks. Who knows?

The meta game is going to change so much. Some decks will stick around, most will I think, but so many new options are rolling in that there will be several ladder seasons will be all shook up. Excited? You better be. I’m terrible at this game and I can barely contain myself.

Until December, watch the trailer on repeat.

Hearthstone for Android Tablets in December 2014

During the Activision Blizzard Q3 2014 Financial Conference Call held today, Mike Morhaime revealed Blizzard Entertainment plans to launch Hearthstone for Android Tablets this upcoming December 2014.

At an undefined date after Android’s release, Blizzard plans to launch Hearthstone for iPhone.

Stay tuned for our transcript of the conference call.



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