How to beat Highlord Omokk | Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain

The Hearthstone: Blacrock Mountain’s Blackrock Spire wing is comfortably easier than the Blackrock Depths in Normal mode. The first boss encounter is Highlord Omokk with warlock spells. His hero power is [ME SMASH]: “Destroy a random damaged enemy minion.”

The obvious choice here is to use a Priest deck to counter his hero power with healing spells and your own hero power.

How to beat Highlord Omokk | Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain

Highlord Omokk

[Dread Infernal] (2)
[Hellfire] (2)
[Mortal Coil] (2)
[Shadow Bolt] (1)
[Voidwalker] (2)

[Bloodfen Raptor] (2)
[Boulderfist Ogre] (2)
[Chillwind Yeti] (2)
[Frostwolf Warlord] (2)
[Ironforge Rifleman] (2)
[Murloc Tidehunter] (2)
[River Crocolisk] (2)
[Sen’jin Shieldmasta] (2)
[Shattered Sun Cleric] (1)
[Stormpike Commando] (2)
[Stormwind Champion] (2)



After defeating Highlord Omokk you will be rewarded with two copies of the Core Rager card.



Priest Deck

You can be a bit flexible with your deck, but make sure you have healing, and buff spells, as well as the [Crazed Alchemist] if you have it. You might need it to flip attack/health.

priest-weaponThis is the deck I used to beat Highlord Omokk:

[Circle of Healing] (1)
[Divine Spirit] (2)
[Inner Fire] (2)
[Mass Dispel] (1)
[Mind Blast] (2)
[Power Word: Shield] (2)
[Shadow Word: Death] (2)
[Shadow Word: Pain] (2)
[Silence] (2)
[Thoughtsteal] (1)

[Auchenai Soulpriest] (2)
[Crazed Alchemist] (1)
[Big Game Hunter] (1)
[Dark Cultist] (2)
[Deathlord] (2)
[Lightwell] (1)
[Majordomo Executus]
[Mind Control Tech] (1)
[Northshire Cleric] (2)


Gameplay Video

Discover the Blackrock Mountain Adventure on April 2

Have you heard the rumblings? Adventurers are making their way toward the Blackrock Mountain with cards and bravery! The doors of this new adventure will opens on April 2.


Blackrock Mountain Explodes into Action on April 2!

Are you brave (or insane) enough to face the ancient evils lurking within Blackrock Mountain? Soon the fabled mountain will open, allowing adventurers the opportunity to journey inside and conquer fiery elementals, fierce dragons, and other hot-tempered foes!

Blackrock Mountain introduces 31 new cards that are too hot to handle, all obtained by emerging victorious in epic battles against some of the mountain’s most iconic villains. Throughout the course of this Adventure, you’ll harness the power of some of Azeroth’s mightiest denizens and unlock powerful new synergies through a whole flight of Dragon-type minion cards. You’ll also get an all-new game board, new music, and a host of legendary encounters—plus, each of Hearthstone’s nine classes will have the opportunity to add two brand-new class cards to their collection.

Delving into Blackrock DepthsThe Towering Heights of Blackrock Spire    

The Gooey Center of Molten Core  — The Dragons of Blackwing Lair

The Horrors of the Hidden Laboratory  

Blackrock Mountain goes live on Windows®, Mac®, iPad®, and Android™ tablets on April 2 PDT in the Americas region (which will fall on April 3 for Southeast Asia and Oceania) and rolls out on April 3 in Europe, Korea, Taiwan, and China, beginning with the release of the first wing—Blackrock Depths. Pre-purchase this new Adventure for $24.99 using real money, iTunes® balance, or Google Play™ balance, and you’ll also add the red-hot Molten Core card back to your collection. The pre-purchase period ends when Blackrock Mountain goes live, so don’t miss out!

Sharpen your blades, practice your incantations, and prepare to do battle in Blackrock Mountain: A Hearthstone Adventure, starting April 2!

Blackrock Mountain, the new Hearthstone Adventure

This has just been made official by Blizzard at Pax East, the lastes Hearthstone Adventure will be the Blackrock Mountain. This new adventure will come on April!

Blackrock Mountain: A Hearthstone Adventure Announced at PAX East!
The smoldering Blackrock Mountain looms on the horizon. Elementals, dwarves, and dragons lie in wait within … and they’ll be ready for you to unearth in Hearthstone’s second Adventure Mode, Blackrock Mountain, announced today at PAX East!



Blackrock Your World

Blackrock Mountain is home to a wealth of creatures with a burning desire to meet you: From the elementals of the Molten Core that find

1300°F “comfortable” to the dragons that lie in wait within Blackrock Spire, Hearthstone’s second adventure mode pits players against single-player bosses and their unique abilities that are guaranteed to put you in the hot seat.  Each boss within Blackrock Mountain has unique cards at their disposal, and they’re guaranteed to challenge any adventurer ready to brave the challenges within. A total of five unique wings make up the massive expanse of Blackrock Mountain, and each wing is a unique experience to one of the five iconic zones found within it.

Cards Too Hot to Handle

BRMcard_RendBlackhand_HS_Lightbox_CK_150x198.pngBattling your way through the unique wings of Blackrock Mountain will reward players will all-new Hearthstone cards to add to their collection! Once these cards have been earned by defeating each individual Blackrock Mountain boss, they can immediately be added to your deck. 31 new cards will be added with Blackrock Mountain!

Delving into Blackrock Depths

Players that enter the adventure will immediately be greeted by the Dark Iron Dwarves that dwell deep within the depths Blackrock Mountain. They’re a bit hot-headed, but can you blame them; there’s no air conditioning in Blackrock Depths! If you’re thinking about grabbing a refreshment at the Grim Guzzler Bar while you’re there, keep your cards ready – a good ol’ fashioned Hearthstone brawl could break out at any time!

BRMcard_GrimPatron_HS_Lightbox_CK_150x198.png   BRMcard_HungryDragon_HS_Lightbox_CK_150x198.pngBRMcard_DarkIronSkulker_HS_Lightbox_CK_150x198.png BRMcard_BlackwingTechnician_HS_Lightbox_CK_150x198.png

Rockin’ New Game Board!


Blackrock Mountain has its own unique game board that you’ll battle on while you’re in the Adventure. Best of all, as soon as Blackrock Mountain is hot off the presses, the game board will be a part of the normal board rotation in Play and Arena modes! What new surprises await you?

New Class Challenges

If you enjoyed the class challenges within Curse of Naxxramas, they’re back with a vengeance in Blackrock Mountain! Nine new class challenges are prepared for you to put your skills with a specific class to the test.  Conquering these Class Challenges will reward you with new class-specific cards to add to your collection.


Rock the Heroic Modes

Prepare to fight fire with even more fire! Once you’re defeated all of the bosses within any given wing for the first time, you’ll unlock the Heroic mode of that wing. Heroic mode bosses do not play fair – they are significantly more difficult than their normal mode versions, and they will prove to be a challenge for even the most veteran Hearthstone players.

Defeating all of Blackrock Mountain’s bosses on Heroic mode will unlock a new card back for your collection.

Fortune Favors the Boulder

Blackrock Mountain will unearth its secrets over the course of 5 weeks. Starting with Blackrock Depths, each wing opens one week at a time with a new wing opening each week, until all five wings are open.

Each wing within Blackrock Mountain can be purchased with in-game gold or real money, following the same pricing as Curse of Naxxramas. Each wing can be purchased for 700 gold or $6.99 USD. Blackrock Mountain bundle pricing is also available – the bigger the bundle, the bigger the discount! Purchasing wings in bundles does not unlock Blackrock Mountain wings faster than the one-wing-a-week schedule, but it does ensure that you’ll be able to dive into the next challenge and earn new cards as soon as they unlock.

Blackrock Mountain USD Pricing

As each wing is released, the cards contained within each wing will also show up in your Arena picks, even if you have not earned them for your personal collection yet.

BRMpreorder_HS_Lightbox_CK_200x267.pngFor those of you that can’t wait to get your oven mitts on Blackrock Mountain, pre-orders of the full Adventure will be available starting March 19! Pre-ordering Blackrock Mountain not only allows players to dive into the Adventure as soon as it becomes available in their region, but it also cooks up a unique card back for their collection! This card back is only available to players that pre-order Blackrock Mountain.

Out of the Frying Pan

Can you take the heat? Grab your fire resistance gear and get ready to brave the mountain! Blackrock Mountain is planned to release simultaneously for PC, Mac, iPad, and Android tablets next month!


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