The Art of Hearthstone: Year of the Mammoth

Blizzard Entertainment will publish a book titled The Art of Hearthstone: Year of the Mammoth by Robert Brooks (Blizzard senior writer) on October 13, 2020. You can pre-order it now.

As a reminder, the Year of the Mammoth started as the new Standard format with the first major Hearthstone expansion of 2017: Journey to Un’Goro , followed by Knights of the Frozen Throne and ending with Kobolds & Catacombs.

The Art of Hearthstone: Year of the Mammoth

For over a quarter of a century, players of Warcraft and World of Warcraft have been treated to a treasure trove of artifacts, gear, weaponry, and trinkets of both awe and amusement.

Now players can get an in-depth look at the items they have collected . . . and some they might not have just yet. With exquisite art, innovative design, and a framing story involving the no-nonsense Matthias Shaw and high-spirited Captain Flynn Fairwind, this book covers the continent of the Eastern Kingdoms, from Stormwind to Stranglethorn, plaguelands to palaces, and all the lands in-between.

The Hearthstone Pop-up Book

Insight Editions will publish The Hearthstone Pop-up Book on October 15, 2018.

Enter the tavern, take your seat by the fire, and tuck into The Hearthstone Pop-Up Book, a celebration of Blizzard Entertainment’s acclaimed collectible card game.

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone. Take your place alongside the nine major heroes, engage in a stunning arena battle, and enjoy a charming story told with the game’s signature wit and whimsy. Unfold each page to reveal a spectacular central pop accompanied by booklets of smaller pops. The Hearthstone Pop-Up Book is a marvel of creativity and paper engineering—and a must-have for Hearthstone fans everywhere.

About the game: Hearthstone® is a fast-paced digital strategy card game in which players sling spells, summon minions, and wield powerful weapons to do battle with their opponent. Featuring familiar characters from the Warcraft® universe, Hearthstone has won over legions of fans with its compelling gameplay and lively style.

Hardcover: 5 pages
Publisher: Insight Editions
Release Date: October 2, 2018
ISBN-10: 1683831438
ISBN-13: 978-1683831433
Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 11 inches



Taking a look at Simon Arizpe’s profile at Simon & Schuster this is what they say about him:

“Simon Arizpe is an award-winning paper engineer and illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. His pop-up book work has received the Award of Excellence from the Society of Illustrators and the Museum of Comic Book Art and Cartooning. The Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum and the Columbia University Library have acquired his work for their permanent collections. Some of Simon’s other notable clients include: Google, Disney, Paramount Pictures, IFC, and the MoMA design store.”

Among his past work: The Babadook, Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy, The Legend of the Serpent King, DC Super Heroes: Pop-Up Book and Origami City.



A pioneer in the video game industry, Mike Sass began his long career as legendary developer BioWare’s first artist in 1996. For over a decade, he illustrated concept and cover art for some of the top video games of all time. As a freelance artist, Mike has created role-playing and card art for the gaming industry’s top franchises, including Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, Star Wars, Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, and Marvel. Currently, Mike lives in frigid Northern Alberta, Canada, with his amazingly supportive wife and three young boys.

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The Art of Hearthstone

The Art of Hearthstone by Robert Brooks (senior writer) is slated to ship on October 15, 2018 for $27.50. When you pre-order now, you save 39% off the List price (MSRP).

The Art of Hearthstone offers an in-depth glimpse into the creativity that made the wildly popular collectible card game into a global phenomenon. From the unseen concepts built early in Hearthstone’s development to the hundreds of beautiful fantasy illustrations that have captured players’ imaginations, this volume will show readers the art of the game in breathtaking detail. The book also tells the story of how Hearthstone came to be, growing from a small-team project to the worldwide success that it is today with more than 50 million players.

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Release Date: October 15, 2018
ISBN-10: 1945683058
ISBN-13: 978-1945683053

Ice Cream Citadel: Taste Undead and Other Flavors at SDCC 2017

Check the calendar. No, today isn’t April’s Fool Day! Blizzard Entertainment issued a press release to announce SDCC attendees and non-attendees may visit the Ice Cream Citadel shop stationed a few yards from the San Diego Convention Center at the PetCo parking lot through July 20-23.

To celebrate the upcoming Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion, Ice cream will be served at this shop. Flavors include Villain-illa and Scourgeberry.

**Blizzplanet and Blizzard Entertainment are not responsible for the potential scourge plague infestation, loss or soul, or any urgent visit to the … Frozen Throne after consuming the ice cream.

Taste Undeath—and Other Flavors — at Blizzard Entertainment’s Ice Cream Citadel During Comic-Con

Ice cream pop-up opens its doors during San Diego Comic-Con® to celebrate upcoming Hearthstone® expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne. No SDCC badge required. Join Blizzard Entertainment and the Lich King to celebrate Knights of the Frozen Throne, Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, with free ice cream at San Diego Comic-Con!

SAN DIEGO– Amidst the sweltering San Diego heat, mortals and the undead alike scream . . . for free ice cream. Blizzard Entertainment today announced the grand opening of Ice Cream Citadel, a pop-up ice cream shop that celebrates Knights of the Frozen Throne™, the upcoming expansion to Hearthstone®, Blizzard’s smash-hit digital card game. No San Diego Comic-Con® badge is required, so all are invited to stop by for a free Frozen Cone as well as a photo op with the Lich King, Lord of the Scourge and ultimate purveyor of death and icy treats.

Located in the PetCo parking lot just a short walk from the San Diego Convention Center, Ice Cream Citadel will provide visitors with free ice cream in two flavors: “Villain-illa” and “Scourgeberry Sorbet.” In partnership with Yelp, Blizzard has also created a Yelp business page for the pop-up, titled “The Lich King’s Ice Cream Citadel,” where users can rate, review, and post photos of their experience. Starting July 18, those brave enough to call the business (1-855-LIC-HKNG) will be greeted by the Lich King’s chilling voice.

Learn more about the upcoming Hearthstone expansion at

Get a taste of what’s in store at the Ice Cream Citadel by watching the Lich King’s teaser trailer.



New Sylvanas and Hearthstone T-Shirts (April 2015)

Jinx added new Blizzard Licensed Products including the Sylvanas T-shirt, the Hearthstone Worthy Opponent Premium Zip-Up Hoodie and the Hearthstone Loot T-shirt — along with other Diablo and World of Warcraft T-shirts. Head over to order yours while supplies last.

New Sylvanas and Hearthstone T-Shirts (April 2015)

New Hearthstone T-Shirt Pre-Order & FREE Shipping till Nov.30.2014

Awesome sauce news for those who attended BlizzCon, or the Hearthstone Qualifiers — saw the new Hearthstone T-shirts at the tournament store but had no money left to buy them. Or maybe you have never seen them before, and all you have for me is a: “STFU, and take my money!”

I gotta say, that’s certainly rude, but I forgive you.

So the newest deal is: “The holiday shopping season has finally arrived! J!NX is celebrating with offering free shipping on all J!NX brand shirts and hoodies this weekend only. Don’t miss out, shop today!”

This offer will be effective TODAY November 30th, 2014 Only with code WINTERJ!NX (Note: that’s an exclamation point, not an “i” at J!NX). Offer includes all shirts and hoodies (not just these below).

Below is a look at the new Hearthstone T-shirts. Pre-orders have begun, and ship on December 7th. Two new World of Warcraft Hoodies have arrived too. Grab yours while supplies last at the following store page.

Hearthstone T-shirts

World of Warcraft Horde Loyalist Zip-Up Hoodie

World of Warcraft Alliance Loyalist Zip-Up Hoodie


New Hearthstone T-Shirts – Buy 2 Get Free Shipping

Jinx launched two new Hearthstone T-shirts including the Hearthstone symbol and the Knife Juggler. Buy any 2 Warlords of Draenor or Hearthstone T-shirt and get free domestic or international shipping when you use promo code CHILLATTHEINN during checkout. This deal expires on September 30 or while supplies last.

Search for the Hearthstone T-shirts here.



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