Hearthstone Google+ Q&A with the Developers

The Hearthstone developers will be having a Q&A for the Hearthstone Community this Friday, March 12, on a Google+. The event will be available live on the Hearthstone’s Youtube channel through “Hangouts on Air”.


The Hearthstone team answer questions from the community about the beta test.
Tune in to our Google+ Hangout to watch the Q&A and submit your own questions in English using #HearthstoneDay .

We’ve got a seat waiting just for you!


Eric Dodds On Hearthstone’s Card Balance Philosophy

Hearthstone lead designer Eric Dodds took the opportunity to write a lengthy article to explain the card balance philosophy and also introduced the new card balance designer Mike Donais, who is experienced in card game design with 10 years hands-on on the field.

Eric described each of the core philosophies involved in card balance — possibly in response to feedback after the recent card changes.


The Core Philosophies that are taken in mind when changing a card is putting the card under the lens and looking whether:

  • A card causes non-interactive games
  • A card is frustrating to play against
  • A card is causing confusion or isn’t intuitive enough
  • A card is too strong compared to other cards of that cost
  • A specific build or style of play is too strong
  • A card is too weak

Read the full article here.

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