Hearthstone NYC Fireside – Feb 22, 2015 Photos

Today, 22 out of 256 members of the New York City Hearthstone Fireside clashed in a Single Elimination (Best of 3) Tournament.

The final match was a very exciting one, with attendees sitting on the edge of their seats as they spectated the match on the TV screen. The first match was mage vs mage. The second match was mage vs warrior. That second match was very exciting and lengthy taking both players into fatigue. The win could really have gone both ways, but two Brawl decided the victor of the second match. One may argue it was luck, but the truth is that both contenders were pretty good.

However, the third match against a warlock was devastating to the Warrior, but overall a good tournament finals. Worthy of joining the World Championship. Will we get to see any of them in the big leagues? Only time will tell.

Hearthstone NYC Fireside – Feb 22, 2015 Photos


The last photo (above) shows 20 of the members. The two sitting are the finalists: Eudemon and darkiepoo. The winner of this tournament was Eudemon#1739. Congratulations!

Hearthstone NYC Fireside - Feb 22, 2015 Photos

Many thanks to all the attendees. Hope you all had fun, and look forward to see you in the next Fireside Gatherings. Many new faces. Special thanks to both: co-organizer Andrey and Turbo Studios for hosting another Heartsthone Fireside Gathering; and co-organizers Mike (Mithalas) and popular-friend Danny Wu. A big thanks to Battlefy.com — our tournament brackets platform.

The next Fireside Gathering will be on March 7 — if you live within New York City or neighboring areas, reserve your attendance. The next tournament will be on March 21.

Find a Hearthstone Fireside near you at FiresideGatherings.com, or organize yours by contacting [email protected]



Tournament Finalists: 2 of 3 Matches

Apologies for the technical issues recording the livestream. The spectator mode froze a couple times forcing us to rejoin. In this video, you may watch the three matches of the tournament finalists: Eudemon vs darkiepoo.

There were some technical issues with the video, mix of spectator mode bug, plus CPU and xsplit hiccups. Just click the links in the annotations to jump ahead.

Blizzplanet NYC Hearthstone Fireside |Feb 7.2015

Organizing a Hearthstone Fireside Gathering is no easy feat. There is a lot of time invested searching for new locations, and sacrifice in various aspects such as money, and unexpected situations.

For this fireside, I left home one-hour and a half before the event, but I didn’t check out the MTA Weekender website. Turns out three trains were not working due to scheduled maintenance. I didn’t know that. The first train station was closed with a notice that there were no downtown nor uptown trains stopping at that station.

There were a couple more trains cancelled due to maintenance, and I ended up arriving 3 hours after I left home (a trip that usually takes 30 minutes).

As an organizer, if you rely on buses or trains it is recommended to check online the transportation website for any possible maintenance schedules or delays ahead of the date of the Fireside event. Learn from this.

Blizzplanet NYC Hearthstone – Zotac Pre-Qualifier Photos

Special thanks to Marco Lemos, who served as the Tournament organizer for the Blizzplanet NYC Hearthstone Tournament. Another round of thanks to the gamerholic.com and to the Bitcoin Center sponsors. We are hoping to submit the winner to the Zotac Hearthstone Pre-Qualifier. Congrats to Leafweir who won with the Leeroy Jenkins card using some awesome combo that made him use Leeroy 3 times in a row by returning him to his hand and back into the battlefield in the same round.


Wish to have fun with other Hearthstone players in New York City? Come to our next Fireside Gathering on Saturday, August 16th. You may RSVP here.

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